LEGO® Technic Subtheme Space Is Sporting Some Incredible Builds

Like the VTOL itself, let’s take off right from where we are with a review of one the most elite LEGO® sets to join the LEGO® Technic line-up in some time, the LEGO® Technic VTOL. With 1,365 pieces, this set will take a handful of hours to complete but comes jam-packed with a bunch of stellar functions.

LEGO® Technic VTOL 42181 Courtesy Of LEGO®
LEGO® 42181 Courtesy And Credit From LEGO®

What Are The Unique Functionalities Of The LEGO® VTOL?

Backside View Of LEGO® Set 42181 VTOL Courtesy LEGO® Website
Backside View Of LEGO® VTOL Courtesy And Credit From LEGO®

Like the LEGO® X-Wing, this set comes equipped with retractable landing gear that gives it a realistic feel. You also get to build a mini space rover and a large cargo box – both items the VTOL can carry and have attached to itself for an immersive build experience. But my favorite element? The compatibility! This set comes with an “air lock” feature, which is an excuse for LEGO® to allow the build to mix, match, and connect with existing LEGO® Technic Space-themed creations.

Do You See The LEGO® VTOL Having Investment Potential?

100%. We are talking about a build that will most likely never be released again and is the epitome of a “one-off” set for LEGO®. If this set performs well, LEGO® will most likely explore other standalone vehicles for the LEGO® Technic Space theme. Most importantly, let’s touch on the fanbase: this is an engineering masterpiece and encompasses adult fans of LEGO® who love space, aeronautics, and detailed builds. If a LEGO® fan doesn’t want this set now, I promise you they will want it later. The fact that it has no minifigures should not impact its investment potential.

LEGO® VTOL From LEGO® Website New In Box
LEGO® VTOL Box View Courtesy And Credit From LEGO®

What Is A VTOL Anyway?

VTOL stands for vertical take-off and landing, which is the quintessential feature of the aircraft. The model you have probably seen in action, and in real-life images, is the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey. While the aircraft itself is a deft mix between a helicopter and a double-prop plane, there have been a multitude of issues with the V-22’s mechanical parts. There was a time when LEGO® was going to make the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey into a LEGO® Technic set, but due to the LEGO® Group’s firm stance against military aircraft, the set was canceled.

A Sketch Mock Up Of A VTOL Based Off Boeing Design

When Can I Get My Hands On It?

This set makes its way to retail shelves on March 1st, 2024. While it is $109.99, this set is loaded with features, collectible elements, and enough pieces for a substantial build experience. If this set becomes available for preorder on Amazon’s website, I will post an update. However, this post is to let you know about one of the coolest sets to grace LEGO® Technic in some time! If you like the Baumlinks LEGO® Blog, be sure to bookmark the page – cheers!

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