A new month is upon us which means more competitive building! Are you ready? Here’s the latest batch of LEGO contests and challenges from all around the AFOL community for August 2023 to help you find some inspiration and motivation to build! There’s nothing quite like a theme or a prompt to take you out of your comfort zone and give you something new to try. Besides, contests are the perfect place to interact with other contestants and judges and get to know your fellow builders. And if you’re like me, a deadline helps make sure you actually finish!

We’ve listed them in order of deadline so you can plan your building time to the best advantage. Make sure to check the LEGO activity calendar for local challenges and events near you. Here at BrickNerd, some of our fondest memories, greatest building achievements, coolest trophies, and best friendships came from LEGO contests, so we really hope you try some of these out. We look forward to seeing what you build!


RebelLUG’s Vignweek Competition is back yet again! Every day for a week, Monday-Friday, there will be a building prompt, and you’ll have 24 hours to build, photograph, and submit an entry capturing that prompt. Then, beginning Saturday, there will be a 48-hour window to complete your final entry. Check out all the details on RebelLUG’s discord server and join in the fun!

Deadline: August 7-13th

Prize: Awesome prizes for the top two contestants and a raffle.

Where to enter: Discord

More Details

Decorate LEGO House Contest

It’s back! The LEGO House is yet again looking for fantastic builds that are the best of the best for the world-famous house in Billund, Denmark.

This year, they are opening up three categories: Vintage Transportation, All Seasons, and Celebrating Classics. There’s something for everyone!

Deadline: August 8th (6 am EST)

Prize: Three grand prize winners (one for each category) will receive 21037 LEGO House, 40504 A Minifigure Tribute, 40503 Dagny Holm – Master Builder, 21340 Tales of the Space Age, and 21338 A-Frame Cabin.

A minimum of 25 builders across the three categories will also each get a 21037 LEGO House set and the opportunity to have their model exhibited at the LEGO House for a year, including a personalized LEGO brick with name and country of the builder to accompany the model.

Where to enter: LEGO Ideas

More Details

25 Years of Adventure Contest

Adventurers—the LEGO theme that brought us the man, myth, and minifig, Johnny Thunder and his fellow explorers and treasure seekers— has reached its 25th year! Eurobricks is hosting a contest with three building categories to celebrate this cornerstone theme of action and adventure.

Deadline: August 18th

Prizes: 48×48 size: 150 Euro LEGO shopping spree; 32×32 size: 100 Euro LEGO shopping spree; Vehicle category: 50 Euro LEGO shopping spree.

Where to enter: Eurobricks

More Details

Return of the Classic Pirates Contest

The Classic Pirates are back with a brand new contest giving you a chance to win a 10320 Eldorado Fortress set provided by the LEGO Group.

To enter, design a new Classic-style set, remake an existing one, or both!

Deadline: August 26th

Prize: 10320 Eldorado Fortress

Where to enter: Eurobricks

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Return of the Classic Pirates Creative Critic Contest

We understand not everyone is a builder nor has the space or parts to participate in the contest’s building category. But as the old saying goes, “Everyone’s a critic.”

So here’s another chance to win 10320 Eldorado Fortress by providing constructive feedback to contest entrants. Now you can participate from the comfort of your phone… anywhere… anytime… Stimulate the discussion and give the builders suggestions for making their entries even better.

Deadline: August 27th

Prize: 10320 Eldorado Fortress

Where to enter: Eurobricks

More Details

BrickCentral Summer Activities Challenge

Warm summer nights and a cozy fire with friends are a perfect combination. Welcome to the monthly theme!

This month is all about summer activities. Show us your favorite summer activities or summer adventures. Whether it’s the classic summer trip, sports or relaxing, show us what you like to do in the summer (or if you don’t like the heat as much as I do, maybe where you hide from the heat). Have fun and be creative!

Deadline: August 28th

Prize: Just the fun of building!

Where to enter: BrickCentral Discord

More Details

Design the Ultimate Space Exploration Postcard

The builds making up the ‘Tales of the Space Age’ LEGO Ideas set show off the wonders of space. But what wonders can you build?

Your mission is to build or design postcards that show off the beautiful universe we live in. It could be another planet, the pillars of creation, or something else entirely.

Deadline: August 29th (6 am EST)

Prize: A signed 21340 Tales of the Space Age by the designers, 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander, 10497 Galaxy Explorer, and 60350 Lunar Research Base

Two runner-ups will also receive 21340 Tales of the Space Age signed by the designers, 10497 Galaxy Explorer, and 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

Where to enter: LEGO Ideas

More Details

Culinary Celebrations

Celebrate the third anniversary of DigiLUG with some delicious food! Two categories, Classy Cakes & Fantastic Foods, await your entrees, ahem, entries.

Deadline: August 31st

Prizes: New sets for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in two categories!

Where to Enter: Discord

More Details

Rebrickable Quarterly Competition!

We are asking you to create something that best embodies the phrase ‘off-kilter’. We want to see creations that bend expectations of reality. A truck with donut wheels, a storm-chasing cow, a spring meadow with lollipop trees, a Christopher Nolan move that is easy to follow, go crazy.

You can use Technic, System, even Duplo if you like. Be creative!

Deadline: Sept. 30th

Prize: Rebrickable will be awarding the winner $300 in LEGO of their choosing. We will also be choosing a runner up who will win $100.

Where to enter: Rebrickable

More Details

The Genre Games – BiM 2023 Summer Contest

For this year’s contest, we are looking for brick films that work within the framework of a chosen genre, whether it be science fiction, adventure, western, noir, or even documentary, etc. You are encouraged to watch films in the genre you choose and consider all the elements that go into working within the genre. For example, if you choose to make an action brick film, don’t just film a fight scene; consider how action films incorporate characters and plot to make them more engaging, as well as the choices made in how best to film action.

Deadline: October 1st

Prize: A great pool of prizes is available – a Dragonframe 5 + Bluetooth Controller, 10312 Jazz Club, and 60350 Lunar Research Base!

Where to enter: Email

More Details

Happy building! See you here next month for our next LEGO community contest list. And if you would like us to add a contest, please email dave@bricknerd.com.

What are your experiences with LEGO contests? Are there any you know of that we missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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