After only 10 minutes of conversation with Owen Jones, it’s clear that he loves two things in this world: LEGO and Mariners baseball. So he certainly wasn’t going to let an opportunity to fuse his two passions pass him by. To commemorate Seattle hosting this year’s MLB All-Star Game, Owen worked up a beautiful mosaic of the official logo. Featuring a very Pacific Northwest silhouette, the insignia is clad in Mariners colors of turquoise and dark blue. It’s such a clean representation that it feels like an official LEGO set. But Owen, with all his baseball nostalgia, didn’t stop there…

Seattle Mariners 2023 All-Star Game Logo

He also brought back the 2001 All-Star game logo, from the last time the Mariners played host to the event. This build harkens back to the era of Ken Griffey Jr. and the builder’s more formative years. Owen has said he was heavily influenced by the Star Wars mosaic set from 2020, showing him the kinds of designs that could be created via a grid of 1×1 plates. Pixel art has always been a part of his life, whether in Minecraft, cross-stitch, or Perler beads, so making the jump over to LEGO blocks was a no-brainer!

Seattle Mariners 2001 All-Star Game Logo

Of course, the Mariners were bound to notice such great work! They interviewed Owen in the lead-up to the big game, getting into his passion for the team and some of the stats on his builds. You can give it a watch below. But I had two questions they didn’t cover. First, I wanted to know who he’s looking forward to seeing in the ASG, which of course are the hometown heroes Rodriguez, Kirby, and Castillo. And I also asked what he would be tackling next: a pixilation of some Pokémon pop-culture. Looking forward to it!

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