This year marks the 100th anniversary of Disney. There have been a bunch of sets released so far that commemorate the long history of animated and live-action stories over the years. Many of these sets include princesses and princes in the traditional minifigure style. But with many of the recent Disney sets designed to feature the minidoll style first introduced with the LEGO Friends theme, many LEGO and Disney fans are sure to be excited about of of the latest sets to include this style of figures. LEGO Disney 43215 The Enchanted Tree-house includes 1,016 pieces and is on sale now for US $159.99 | CAN $209.99 | UK £149.99

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

Unboxing the parts, instructions, and sticker sheets

The set comes in a colorful box depicting the completed model and minidolls against an illustrated forest scene. Like all of the Disney sets LEGO has released so far this year, it sports the Disney 100 branding. The age on the set is 7+. In addition, there is a lineup of the impressive 13 minidolls. The back of the box shows the tree-house from the back to reveal the interior details. There are also 6 circular insets showing the many play features

Inside the box there are 8 numbered bags and one unnumbered bag containing the larger parts and plates. There are also 2 instruction booklets and 2 sticker sheets, including clear stickers for the tree and waterfall details. There is also a plastic sheet with Tinkerbell’s wings.

The build

The build starts with the smaller section which will be “attached” to the main tree-house by a zip line. Built into the base are a few geared turntables that will allow one of the princesses to spin around in a circle once completed. There are some printed mushrooms and the new fern frond in transparent pearlescent pink. The base includes 2 Technic pins to attach it to the second have of the section.

A small waterfall attaches to the front of the next section, which also hides a treasure chest, and includes a short slide.

Next, we attach the two sections and extend the lavender stair to the top of the slide platform. The roof is made up of one of the newer 6×6 panels molded in an angular faceted texture. Light purple and dark red foliage with several butterflies rounds out this smaller section.

Moving on to the main tree-house, we start with a small arched doorway and a stack of stair parts that when finished will be the spiral stair to the second level. Large corner domes add some shape to the tree-house trunk. More mushrooms and a large target for Mulan or, Merida if she visits from another set. These two sections attach with more pins to form two-thirds of the base of the tree-house.

The third base section has another rounded tree trunk, more mushrooms, and a campfire with 2 stools. Inside there is a perfectly unsurprising fruit smoothie stand.

Connecting all three base sections together, we move on to the second level, which includes a telescope, and a small area that holds up the third level and also serves as storage for the training knight dummy.

The third level includes a balcony and several curvy branches. There are also 2 more of the large faceted panels. Sparkly transparent blue crystals and a large transparent purple windscreen part decorate the front facade.

Inside the third floor there is a cushioned seating area with a bulletin board and a dresser with a geode and flower. The walls are mounted with transparent sparkly ice decorations courtesy of Elsa, and the previously mentioned zip line attaches to the middle of the balcony doorway.

To use the zip line, remove the small branch from the lower section and place it in the hand of a minidoll, then with s nudge, they will slide down the flexible tube.

The minidolls

With 13 minidolls to cover, I organized them into groups based on the general color of their outfits. All minidolls have printed details front and back, and many have unique hair molds. Due to their design, they only have one expression.

Starting with Wendy, Princess Jasmine, Queen Elsa, and Alice, their outfits are nicely detailed, and Elsa even has printed shoes. Wendy and Alice have bows on the back of their dresses and Elsa comes with a split cape with sparkles like she wears in the movie.

Next we have Moana, Princess Anna, Mirabel, and Raya. Both Mirabel and Moana have detailed printing on their dress, and Mirabel also has glasses and shoes. Raya has a single hair and hat part, and Anna wears a dual-colored cape.

Finally there is Pocahontas, Mulan, Belle, Tinkerbell, and Tiana. Belle and Tiana have floor-length printed gowns and Pocahontas has a dual-molded dress. Mulan’s dress is also printed. Tinkerbell includes teal wings printed on light teal translucent plastic.

The finished model

The completed set has lots of places to set up the minidolls in and around the tree-house, although there are only a few play features. While the color choice is a bit odd for a tree-house, the set includes a wide variety of parts in that pale blue tint, as well as dark magenta and light purple. The collection of minidolls is impressive, and if you like this style over the traditional minifigure this set will be a great addition to your collection.

Conclusions and recommendations

The Enchanted Tree-house is a fun and easy to build set, and in my opinion, fits the age pretty well. While not a complicated build it might even appeal to some adult collectors, for the parts, and for the many princess and other popular minidolls included (my wife claimed the Wendy and Alice minidolls for herself). LEGO Disney 43215 The Enchanted Tree-house includes 1,016 pieces and is on sale now for US $159.99 | CAN $209.99 | UK £149.99

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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