The LEGO Bricklink Designer Program Series 2 Pre-Orders have begun on June 6, 2024 as we mentioned on June 5, 2024. Within a day, the LEGO Brick Cross Train Station and the LEGO Mushroom House are already sold out. The three other LEGO Bricklink Series 2 sets are still available for pre-order. 

Prices shown below are for US. If you are in another region, you can check the prices by going onto the LEGO Bricklink site. 

  • LEGO Bricklink Ominous Isle – $239.99 USD
  • LEGO Bricklink Logging Railway – $209.99 USD
  • LEGO Bricklink The Ocean House – $199.99 USD
  • LEGO Bricklink Mushroom House – $89.99 USD (SOLD OUT)
  • LEGO Bricklink Brick Cross Train Station – $279.99 USD (SOLD OUT)

All five LEGO Bricklink Series 2 Designer Program sets have met the threshold to be made into official LEGO sets. Up to 30 000 copies will be made for a limited one time production run for these sets. For LEGO Bricklink Series 2 sets, you can expect LEGO to start shipping them out in about six months (November 2024) once you have pre-ordered the sets.

Although you purchase the sets from the LEGO Bricklink site, the checkout and shipping process will be fulfilled by LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia).

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