The LEGO IDEAS review board has reviewed the second 2023 portion of the LEGO IDEAS creations wave. These creations achieved 10 000 supporters from early May 2023 to early September 2023. 

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Once 10 000 supporters are reached, the project creation would head to the LEGO IDEAS review stage where it would be evaluated. It could then be potentially the next official LEGO IDEAS set that will be available for purchase at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia). 

There are two approved LEGO IDEAS creations along with one other LEGO IDEAS creation that requires further review.

LEGO IDEAS Minifigure Prize Machine Project Creation by Rob Vangansewinkel (aka Goosestore) is one of the approved creations.

LEGO IDEAS Western River Steamboat Project Creation by Aaron Hall (aka CTDpower) is the second approved creation.

LEGO IDEAS Disney Pixar’s Luxo Jr Lamp Project Creation by T0BY1KENOBI25150 is the creation that will require further review.

Congrats to the winning LEGO IDEAS creation designers. These two winning creations will probably take about a year or more before they become officially available for sale at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia). LEGO needs to design the packaging, instructions and more first.

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