prefer making the rubbish but interesting cars of Skoda-past.

clicking these words.

Find all the brick-built Samurais, Jimnys, and Vitaras here.

clicking here.

click here to find every brick-built Tesla to appear. All have better panel gaps than the real thing.

170 Toyota images have appeared to date. Sedans, 4x4s, racing cars, pick-up trucks, sports cars, vans, and a certain ’10-second’ orange Supra…

excellent Lego versions to be found in the Archive.

Find them all, including official LEGO sets, by clicking here.

can be found here.

That wraps up Part 4 of Find My Car in Lego, and with it the series, much to the relief of our researchers. We’ve covered every manufacturer whose models have been recreated in brick form in sufficient numbers, and you can find Parts 1 (A to F), 2 (G to L), and 3 (M to R) via these links.

Some surprisingly well-known brands didn’t make the cut, including Saturn, Seat, Talbot, and Vauxhall in this final part alone, each with just a single entry in the Archives at the time of publication. Of course there are loads of other oddities in the Archives too, and you can find them all plus much more besides via the Search box on every page.

And if you don’t manage to find your car, we’d love to see you build it.