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appeared here to date, from home built F1s and F1 racing cars, to official LEGO sets, and even a couple of 1:1 life-size replicas of McLaren’s newest supercars.

over 170 images have appeared to date. Almost half are Unimogs.

appeared over the years, more recently including official LEGO sets. A few have even been driven via an armchair, string, and mop arrangement…

several models in the Mitsubishi archive are rather more airborne than a Canter box truck.

appeared here countless times over the years. Pick-ups, sedans, sports cars, and – of course – a whole host of GT-Rs.

Those to appear here include huge Technic Supercars, beautifully detailed Model Team replicas, and even an official LEGO set.

find every Lego version in the archive by clicking here.

The archive is packed with muscle cars, cop cars, and a car with a taste for human blood. Find them all via the link above.

models in the archive feature a certain signature giant flaming bird motif.

have featured here to date, including supercars, racing cars, official LEGO sets, tractors, and over two hundred 911 images alone. See them all via the link above.

Click here to take a look at everything to wear the Renault badge.

Rolls-Royce archive here.

That concludes Part 3 of the Find My Car in Lego series, taking us from Mazda to Rolls-Royce. You can revisit prior instillments Part 1 (A to F) and Part 2 (G to L) via the links in this paragraph, plus of course you can be as specific as you like by typing your desired make or model into the Search box available on every page. If you can think of it, it’s probably been built from Lego. Next time, S…