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Sports cars, economy cars, kei cars, Formula 1 cars, and humble mopeds, they’ve all appeared here by the dozen. Click here see everything we’ve published to wear the famous ‘H’.

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Only a few Hyundais are in the archive so far, which is bit weird considering they’re one of the world’s largest manufacturers. With cars like the N Vision 74 pictured here, expect many more to come.

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a hundred Jeep images are in the archive to date. Many of the models are motorised too, so you can recreate off-road adventures in miniature in your own back yard.

You can find those that have featured on this site by clicking here. There’s even an official LEGO set.

appeared here numerous times over the years. Resolutely rectangular LEGO bricks do seem to fit Lada’s aesthetic rather well…

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take a look in the Lotus archive however, is for the historic Formula 1 racers. They are magnificent.

That’s the most frequently built car brands* from G to L. If you’d like to check out the previous A to F list you can do so here, and of course you can use the Search box on every page to be as specific as you like. Next time, M…

*If you’re wondering why Kia isn’t on the list, us too. The Lego Community; get on it.