Click here to take a look at everything to wear the famous shield, from racing cars to aircraft. There’s even a link to Kim Kardashian’s bottom.

Vorsprung Durch Technik. Alongside plenty of Technic Audis to peruse, the Audi archive includes a few official LEGO sets, and whole load of quattros. Click here to get three feet from the car in front.

put on your best British accent and take a look at everything to wear the Austin badge here.

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Official LEGO Bugatti sets, and even a drivable life-size replica join the fan-built models.

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everything in the archives to wear the Cadillac badge here.

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Find their creations by the dozen by clicking here.

Daihatsu have appeared by clicking here.

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you can find every Fiat – from official LEGO sets to Abarth spin-offs – by clicking here.

with over three-hundred images tagged. Official sets, Formula 1 cars, classics, and supercars have been built in their hundreds.

Find them, and the hundreds of non-Mustangs also wearing the Ford oval, by clicking here.

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