although we have ideas…), but recreate they must do, because despite the loses to dogs, seagulls, and one-another, we always seem to have around the same number. This means there is always a proportion of newer ones that are not yet office-trained, but that’s OK, they’re confined to their cage-room at night.

Except when someone [shoots daggers across the office at our intern], doesn’t lock their door. Thus now there are little Easter Eggs laid around the building, and we have to go on the most depressing of Easter Egg Hunts.

Master MOCer Dennis Bosman (aka legotrucks), this gargantuan creation is not only a perfect 1:17 visual replica of the 75 ton machine, it moves like the real thing too, with a suite of Control+ electronics hidden inside to recreate the movement of the tracks, superstructure, and the massive bucket-arm.

Dennis’ ‘Liebherr R964C’ album on Flickr. Click on the link above to take a closer look at one of the most impressive vehicular creations you’ll see this year, whilst we use it to find, and dispose of, some Elven ‘Easter Eggs’…