free and fair election, last week NATO welcomed its 32nd member state into the alliance. Recent aggression by its enormous neighbour forced Sweden to end its two century long neutrality, bringing with it some of the world’s most advanced pieces of military equipment to the defence union, including this; the formidable Saab 39E Gripen multi-role fighter.

Built by newcomer Akergarden, this incredible 1:18 scale recreation of the Saab 39E Gripen is fittingly one of the most advanced Technic aircraft we’ve yet featured, with four motors concealed inside powering the removable twin-spool turbofan engine, retractable landing gear, radar, and canopy.

A suite of mechanical functions are included too, with full flight-surface control via the cockpit stick and pedals, comprising of moving ailerons, canards, rudder, airbrake, flaps and slots, plus a working ejector seat, a folding air-refuelling beam, and nose-wheel steering.

It’s a phenomenal feat of engineering and there’s much more to see – including a video of the aircraft in action – at both the Eurobricks forum and Akergarden’s Flickr photostream. Click the links above to take a look at NATO’s newest toys, whilst we wonder who’s going to win the election in the country that necessitated their addition…