grey. And an SUV. Except that is, for one very specific category of owner. The YouTuber.

No, the YouTuber chooses a whole different aesthetic, based on ‘views’, and ‘clout’, and other insufferable influencer nonsense. Which invariably means that their heavily-financed supercar will be covered in some hideously lurid wrap, with the words ‘I’ve TRANSFORMED’ my [Insert Supercar Here]’ emblazoned in bubble-writing across the accompanying ten-and-a-half-minute video.

An exhaust that also ‘TRANSFORMS’ the car will follow, before the finance agreement is terminated early – much to the insincere sadness of the YouTuber doing it – to fund the next pointless cycle of Buy-Wrap-Exhaust-for-views.

Thus, if we had enough money for a supercar, we’d get it in grey. Because that way no-one would think we’re a talentless YouTube douchebag.

Cue previous bloggee Fuku Saku’s superb Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which is not only brilliantly constructed, it’s also quite fantastically grey. Ingenious techniques recreate the 911’s notoriously tricky shape, and there’s more of model to see at Faku’s ‘GT3 RS 991.1 Gray’ album on Flickr.

Click the link above to take a look, and don’t give the YouTuber supercar douchbags your views.