key-storage-policy, but all either curiously exploring things, or – less harmlessly – eating them.

The cause of the chaos then came trundling down the corridor, a rather brilliant fully remote controlled Caterpillar telehandler, commanded by an Elf sat atop the forks wearing a paper crown on its head.

With the King for a Day removed and order restored, we can take a look at the vehicle the Elves had used to access various previously inedible objects, including a book, a photo, a wooden ornament, and – perhaps most surprisingly – a potted cactus.

Built by previous bloggee LegoMarat, this superb Caterpillar TL642 telehandler is powered by no fewer than four motors, driving the wheels and steering, the boom elevation, and the fork tilt, all of which can be controlled via bluetooth thanks to a third-party BuWizz battery.

A life-like body is constructed from system pieces, enhanced by some excellent decals, and there’s more of Marat’s exceptional remote controlled Caterpillar to see at his photostream. Click the link above to take a look, whist we set about returning an undetermined number of Elves to ground level…