If you need to travel the streets in style, look no further than this LEGO Bentley by Daniel Church! This particular Bentley was the preferred ride of the Demon Crowley from the novel and TV series Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman. Everything about this model is as pitch-perfect as the Queen CDs the car keeps creating. Everything from the grates on the side to the headlights and bumpers to the shape of the doors is a perfect match to the original car. To match the organic curves of the original vehicle, Daniel has made use of the 10x2x2 wedge behind the forward wheel well and at the back of the cabin roof. That smooth window at the back of the cabin is due to the interlocking shapes of the 4x1x2 2/3 curved slope and the 1x4x3 arch. And speaking of interlocking, look at the 1x2x3 upright and inverted slopes used to make the shapes of the door. You know what they say; the devils in the details!

Crowley's Bentley from Good Omens

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