If you love Italy and/or railway architecture, look no further than this lovely LEGO creation by Jean-Philippe Leroux! Leroux has captured the elegance of the Italian railway bridge, the Viaduct of San Bartolomeo, built in the late 1960s. Leroux has used stacked 2×2 jumper tiles to add the layered texture to all of the pillars, and notice how all the slopes at the base of the pillars are actually 2×3 slopes on their sides? That’s what allows Leroux to “embed” the arches in between the wider supports. Great work on that micro-scale plane too! I can’t imagine he’s used more than ten parts to build it! I’m also excited to see the multiple colors on the outside of the diorama representing the different geological layers; I’d say it really grounds the build!

Ponte di SAn Bartolomeo

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