Feline hero Cait Sith epitomizes why Final Fantasy 7 captured the imagination of generations of gamers. Whereas other RPGS might let you choose between elf or dwarf, cleric or druid, FF7 gives your party a robotic fortune-telling cat with a Scottish brogue who rides into battle with atop a giant living plush toy using a megaphone and gambling powers to shift the odds. Woomy World pays tribute to the beloved gaming icon with a faithful LEGO model that is bursting with personality and perfect parts usage. From the soles of his chunky boots to the tip of his crown (borrowed from constraction scale King Mathias), the shaping is impeccable, especially the face.

Cait Sith

Time and again Woomy World demonstrates incredible skill in connecting just the right pieces using innovative connections to create organic and cartoon-like models. Using grey hot dogs for Cait Sith’s perpetually squinting eyes works perfectly, and a pair of white ninja cowls for the upper lips frame the adorable pink tongue. For the knotted bow on the cape, Woomy World uses the ribbon hanger of a holiday ornament. If you’re feeling lucky, take a limited break and explore our Woomy World archives.

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