I’ve written a lot of articles about spaceships, castles, and the occasional train, but I’ve never personally done anything like this jaw-dropping piece of LEGO art. Michael Kanemoto says he built this “Dandylion” mask for his son in 250-300 hours of building, making it a truly leonine labor of love. Look at all those gold accent pieces, from the leaves in the mane to the antenna pieces for whiskers.


Here’s a side view to demonstrate the true three-dimensional quality of the mask. The “LEGO” keychain, by the way, represents a conservation tag, a reference to efforts to reintroduce the all-but-extinct-but-totally-real white lion, of which fewer than 20 are said to remain in the wild.

Dandylion - Profile

And lest you think, “Well, TBB, that’s a pretty cool looking build, but it wouldn’t really work as a mask,” here’s a photo of this creation employed by its creator for exactly that purpose.


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