What’s better than seeing your star sign in LEGO? How about all twelve zodiac signs stunningly assembled by some of the brightest stars in the building community?

Two years ago, builder Woomy World created a zodiac-themed “Libra Dragon” for the BioCup competition. Fellow builder Ezreel was inspired and pitched a collaboration for all 12 Zodiac signs to the community. Those invited to participate could claim their own star sign or swap if they had a strong idea, and soon the list was full. But with so many builds to coordinate and busy lives and creative blocks complicating things, some folk dropped out, others came on board, and time was ticking by. Finally, a deadline was set, and the final lineup of builders set to work on their chosen sign. To maintain thematic cohesion, the group agreed that every Zodiac sign would be depicted as a creature, which for some signs meant some creative interpretations were necessary.

Now, nearly two years in the making, the Zodiac Collaboration makes its debut!

Builder: MySnailEatsPizza

Aries, the Ram, is the first sign of the Western Zodiac, ushers in spring. A fire sign, he is depicted here with flaming hooves of trans-blue elements, capturing the fierceness associated with the star sign.


Builder: calcifer_project

Taurus, the Bull, might look imposing, but the sign is linked to a peaceful and steady personality. The leafy mane keeps this Earth sign grounded, and those croissants used for nostrils are chef’s kiss.


Builder: Panuvaru

The famous twins are depicted here as two halves of one magical woodland stag. Geminis are known for their perception and curiosity; if those are qualities you share, you might notice the ingenious technique used for the twin heads, with owls held in place with rubber bands making up the muzzles.


Builder: Sandro Quattrini

Cancer, the Crab, is the sign associated with the moon, which aptly sits above this model’s constraction carapace. Starry stickers and a constellation of golden rings add to the astrological look— a masterpiece of color and jigsawing parts into a seamless organic whole.


Builder: Patrick Biggs

Leo, the Lion, is shown with its symbol, the sun. The impressive white mane and fringe makes for a striking contrast, perfect for the most regal star sign.

Leo Rising

Builder: Woomy World

Virgo, the Maiden, is depicted as a dragon. The wings and mix of colors are flawless, as appropriate for the perfectionist sign.

Virgo Dragon

Builder: Braylon Turner

Libra, the Scales, are mounted by a curious goblin who stays aloft without tipping the balance, as one would expect from a sign of the air. Libra finds harmony between truly incongruous parts with a cloth neck, rubber shoulders, and brick separator ears.



Builder: Aiden.Builds

Scorpio is a sign of passion but also of secrets. What does this sleek scorpion hide in that base? If it means putting my hand anywhere near the glowing stinger or that clever mouth with teeth nestled in white helmets, I won’t pry.


Builder: J6Crash

Sagittarius, the Archer, is depicted as a bold and straight-shooting centaur. The horse and human halves are equally impressive, but it’s the composition that is most striking.


Builder: alex_mocs

Capricorn, the Goat, might be a creature of the sea but is associated with Earth, which is reflected in the colors in this model. Connecting so many leaves in the twisting scaly tail is an incredible accomplishment worthy of the ambition associated with the sign.


Builder: DanielBrickSon

Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is an air sign associated with intelligence, which makes its depiction as a fantastical horned owl quite appropriate. Also an eccentric sign, the golden rings on the horns add a nice touch.

Aerious the Owl

Builder: Ezreel

Pisces, the Fish, rounds out our tour of the Zodiac with sleek curves dotted with gold. A sign associated with compassion and creativity, it’s appropriate that this creature comes from Ezreel, the Collaboration Organizer.

Abyss Pisces

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