Disney 100 might be over, but for LEGO builders like legonano(tama), the animation celebration never stops. Her latest tribute is a collection of minifig habitats based on Beauty and the Beast. Each scene is packed with fun details, my favorite definitely the being the “Be Our Guest” dining room scene with dancing plates and Cogsworth encased in gelatin. The builder plays with two scales here: traditional 8x8s on top of larger 12×12 habitats that allow for more complex scenes.

Minifig habitats are 8×8 vignettes that can and stacked and rearranged in pleasing geometric configurations. During COVID lockdown, it was a pretty big trend! So much so that even LEGO released some “official minifig habitats.” Its’s such a fun format for building that doesn’t demand a huge collection of parts to make something delightful. We’re warmed to see builders like legonano keeping the habitat trend going strong.

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