Sometimes, one of the hallmarks of a really great LEGO creation is that you can barely tell it’s made of LEGO. Such is the case with this stunning sailing ship (the Saint Germain, as the letters on the stern proudly proclaim) by Taeseok Kang. This elegant vessel has been rendered in detail enough to make any eighteenth-century mariner proud, from the intricate rigging (created with official LEGO rope elements rather than string) to the gradually sloping elements of the hull.

Here’s—pardon me while I consult my glossary of nautical terms—the quarterdeck, complete with a full suite of navigational equipment, cannons, and more.


Moving forward, here’s a life raft, the capstan (the giant wheel, used for raising anchors or hauling lines), more cannons, and entry to the lower decks.


And lest you think that the detail is limited to the exterior of the ship, feast your eyes upon the captain’s cabin, complete with cello, bookshelf, writing desk, bunk, and more. (It’s clear the captain is a man of culture and good breeding.)


Finally, take a look at the detailed scrollwork at the ship’s stern. All the Saint Germain needs now to set sail is a hearty crew.


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