In case it escaped your attention, this year is a leap year. That means we got a whole extra day of the LEGO community’s month-long rover-building bonanza: Febrovery! And boy, has Scott Wilhelm made good use of that bonus day. At 117 studs long, this colossal rover would almost qualify for that other famous space-building monthly challenge, SHIPtember (it just needs to swap those wheels for wings). Since it’s built for exploring, let’s do some exploring of our own and find out what Scott has hidden inside this behemoth. (Spoiler alert: a lot!)

Leap Year Rover!

Before we go inside, let’s take a look around the back. We can see the crew hard at work loading some supplies with an enormous crane mounted to the rear.

Mission Start

The interior is fully kitted out, too. The cockpit (or bridge? I guess this feels big enough to be called the bridge!) is awesomely shaped on the outside, and it’s highly detailed on the inside too.


The roof is no different – we’ve got drone storage, folding solar panels, and a soccer goalie stick re-purposed as an antenna!

top details

And what’s a massive rover without smaller rovers on the inside? These live in the lowest level, alongside the motors. Oh yes – this thing is fully motorized as well, even down to the steering!

level 0

We could spend hours looking at this, and no doubt even more driving it around. This final picture gives you an idea of just how much has been crammed in here. And I know I keep bringing it up, but… It gives a sense of just how enormous this is!


Is this your favourite rover from this year’s Febrovery? It might just be ours!

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