While this Minoan temple may seem simple at first glance, there is quite a lot going on in this scene by BrickiboT. Inspired by the architecture of archaeological sites like the Minoan palace at Knossos on Crete, the angled pattern along the roof is made from carefully arranges sideways plates and brackets, with a small noodle bowl as the perfect accent. The plates and rounded plates in two colors, along with a variety of textured bricks gives the front of the temple a weathered look.

Rogue Odyssey-Minoan Temple

The rocky landscape, dotted with plants and vines is a good blend of straight and curved slopes, and even the small beach is filled with details, like the group of hermit crabs, and the head of an elephant disguised as a rock. The angled sides of the small boat are attached with handlebars fit into the undersides of rounded plates with holes, well done.

This close-up of the right back corner shows a shepherd and his flock among the rocks, and gives a better look at these Cyprus trees. The many shades of green used for the vegetation among the rocks, and the terraced landscape procvide lots of visual interest.

Minoan Temple-Detail pic 5

The roof is adorned with a sculpture resembling a jellyfish, or some kind of nautilus shell, and a skylight shows off more white details along the inner walls. The roof is rimmed with curved slopes set back-to-back to create an unusual finish.

Minoan Temple-Detail pic 3

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