You may recall Scott Wilhelm’s LEGO Iron Horse spaceship we’ve featured last month. We were thrilled to learn that it brought along a few of its friends and, as impressive as it is on its own, the aforementioned Iron Horse isn’t even the showstopper. Scott brings the same striking color scheme and meticulous attention to detail to an entire fleet he calls The Q’Endar Alliance.

Alliance Fleet

Let’s start with the smallest of the fleet, but the one most likely to cause the most trouble; is the Berserker Class Medium Destroyer. Despite its small size, Scott doesn’t skimp on details or design aesthetics. Scott tells us that just a few of these are more than enough to reduce swarms of fighters to ash by laying down a near-impenetrable wall of energy-based and solid-core suppressing fire.

Berserker - Alliance Medium Destroyer

Next on the slab is a couple of views of the Charybdis Alliance Command and Control Corvette. In Scott’s own words, the Charybdis is a spacefaring fortress built to support command operations and provide a forward-operating platform for mission leadership. Although unarmed, it employs 6 powerful deflector shield projectors, three dorsal, and three ventral, to provide maximum shielding.

Charybdis - Alliance Command & Control Corvette

If the Berserker doesn’t disintegrate your sensibilities then its larger cousin the Discordia- Alliance Missile Frigate is sure to turn you into a statistic in no time flat. It employs a forward-facing antimatter cannon as its primary armament. Combined with an arsenal of other weapons bristling from nearly every surface of the hull, including nearly 100 variable-payload missiles podded into the dorsal and ventral bow plating, Discordia’s load-out makes her one of the most well-outfitted hunter-killer platforms in the fleet.

Discordia - Alliance Missile Frigate

Any massive fleet is going to need supplies and other general support. That’s where the Shackleton Support Frigate comes in. Interchangeable pods along the central spine and easily swappable engine armatures provide much of the necessary versatility to fulfill such requirements as communication relay, fuel transport, medical facilities, and even reconnaissance roles.

Shackleton - Alliance Support Frigate

The aforementioned Iron Horse is next in this impressive fleet. This time we have multiple views of this Alliance Fleet Carrier. Built to escort the Whispered Edict Dreadnaught in fleet maneuvers and provide fighter support, the Iron Horse boasts seven primary launch bays to deploy maximum fighter support in moments. Fourteen pairs of laser turret batteries provide cover fire for fighters as they launch.

B212 Iron Horse - Alliance Fleet Carrier

And what about the Whispered Edict Dreadnaught, then? It’s the flagship of this formidable fleet. An apt word to describe the level of detail Scott achieved here is breathtaking.

Whispered Edict

I’d be remiss not to show a closeup of just some of that attention to detail.

SHIPtember WIP

The ship’s core has an immense antimatter cannon along its central spine. This massive weapon is capable of single-handedly decimating entire enemy capital fleets in moments. Here’s a photo depicting that devastating cannon in action.

Whispered Edict

Here are several other views of the Whispered Edict.

Whispered Edict

If some are adept at world-building, Scott is most assuredly a masterful fleet builder. We look forward to seeing what else he may come up with but in the meantime, check out our Scott Wilhelm archives to see more. But before you do, here’s a final shot of the fleet together, some with multiple copies of certain ships. This is surely the most impressive fleet in this or any other galaxy.

Alliance Fleet

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