has announced a new contest Universe & Beyond! The goal of the contest is to create a brickfilm on the theme of “the universe/space, astronomy, or extraterrestrial life.” 


  • The brickfilm must last between 30 seconds and 15 minutes.
  • The brickfilm must address one or more of the following themes: the universe, astronomy, or extraterrestrial life.
  • Brickfilms revolving around a franchise (Star Wars, Marvel, DC…) are allowed BUT must not explicitly reproduce existing stories, plots, or locations. It’s up to you to create YOUR universe. Using characters, means of transportation, weapons, and other elements is acceptable.
  • The brickfilm must have been created during the contest period.

The top three will win prizes.

The deadline to enter is Sunday, June 16th at 11:59 PM CET .
Check out the official announcement HERE and the Youtube promo video below.