For the past 6 years, Brickfilm Day event has been an annual non-competitive celebration of the brickfilming community, where animators come together to each release a brickfilm, or brickfilming related video, on the same day. 
Each video is compiled into an official event playlist upon their release, which is then promoted across Brickfilm Day’s online platforms and social media pages (Instagram, Twitter and Discord server). Official Rules post on Google Docs.

This year’s Brickfilm Day will be hosted on May 11,2024.

Step 1

  • Upload a new brickfilm (or video about brickfilming) to YouTube at any point on Saturday May 11. Your brickfilm can be about anything you desire (there is no theme!)

Step 2

Step 3

  • Send an email to, with your channel name and a link to your YouTube video included in the body of the email. 

Step 4

  • BFD staff will reply as soon as they can, confirming whether or not your video has been accepted into the event.

BFD will not be checking any other email address, and will not accept entries via direct messages. Please also ensure you write a subject line and a message in the body of the email along with your video link – this will prevent your email from being flagged as spam.


  • Your video must be uploaded on Saturday May 11. BFD will not formally accept entries until 4am Eastern Daylight Time / 9am British Summer Time, but any videos uploaded and sent to them before this time (so long as it is May 11 in your local timezone) will be added to the event playlist later in the day.
  • BFD will only accept one brickfilm per YouTube channel into the event playlist.
  • You MUST include the link to the official event playlist ( as an end card, within the first 5 lines of your description, or as a pinned comment.
  • Videos must be made public on May 11. Unlisted videos will not be accepted.
  • People who have been banned from BFD Discord server for breaking our community guidelines will not be able to enter the event. If they attempt to enter, their submissions will be rejected.
  • 3D animated brickfilms are permitted, as are brickfilms animated with construction toy brands other than Lego (eg. Mega Construx).
  • Moderate violence and cursing in your submission is permitted, however, entries that promote hate speech or discrimination will be rejected.
  • Official event logos and intros are not mandatory, but will be available should you wish to use them.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the event, give BFD a DM on Instagram (@brickfilmday) or message an owner or admin on our Discord server.

Announcement video below.