Just after 5pm EST on January 27th, Bricks in Motion announced the winners of THAC 2024 by livestream and Discord with a formal website announcement after the livestream event.

This year was the biggest THAC ever with a total of 160 entries. You can watch all of the entries HERE.

The top twenty-five are listed below.

1st – I Remember You by Forlorn Creature
2nd – Highway 67 by Jacob Crow
3rd – A Son’s Purpose by Daragh Twomey and Steve Collins
4th – Claire by 2×4 Productions
5th – Planet L611 by Toadproductions and Corbanzofilms
6th – Dance of Shadows by AeroNomad
7th – Lost in the Current by Nurtnaut
8th – The Journey: A Head by Austin Ramey and Sean Willets
9th – Dangerous to go Alone by Mindgame Studios
10th – Bury that Body by JOCo
11th – Custodian’s Quest by KaniMeidunVA
12th – For A. by Stanely Q-Brick
13th – The Rocket by Joshua Nelson Animations
14th – Passenger of Time by SlidesStudios
15th – Family Photo by Chaizin
16th – Labyrinth by Easterwood Productions
17th – Alive by PELOKETCHUP
18th – Johnny Thunder and the Call to Adventure by Star Brick Studios
19th – The Journey Ahead by Kalais Studios
20th – Ride On by Greenwood Studios
21st – TMF Movie: A Traveler’s Tale by TinyMushroomFilms
22nd – Like Elephants? by Dylans Plastic Productions
23rd – A Hero’s Journey by Flannel Shirt Guy
24th – The Journey on a Head by ProCreeper
25th – The Castaway’s Dream by Aaron Williams (Formal Lens)

The judges this year were Penta, Jay Silver, Roody, AoW Gamer, and LOTW Studios.

Prizes for top three were provided by the LEGO Group via the LEGO® Ambassador Network.

Livestream and winning entry by Forlorn Creature is below.