In honor of Minecraft’s 15th anniversary, LEGO has revealed six new LEGO Minecraft sets set to launch in summer 2024. Each set is designed to capture the essence of Minecraft’s beloved biomes and characters, offering fans endless opportunities for play, storytelling, and creative construction.

LEGO Minecraft Summer 2024 Sets Celebrate 15 Years of Adventure!

There are six new LEGO Minecraft summer 2024 sets that fans can anticipate starting next month. Read on to learn more about this latest collection. And if you don’t want to miss out on the excitement when these sets are finally out in June, then be sure to click on their respective affiliate links below and add them to your LEGO wishlist.

The Pirate Ship Voyage (21259)

166 pieces | Includes Swashbuckler and Buccaneer minifigures | $14.99

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Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure with the Pirate Ship Voyage. This versatile LEGO Minecraft summer 2024 set features a buildable pirate ship, a squid, two pirate figures, and for the first time, a LEGO Minecraft camel. Play solo or combine with other sets for an expanded adventure. This set promises endless hours of imaginative play.

The Cherry Blossom Garden (21260)

304 pieces | Includes Sunny and Zombie minifigures | $27.99

lego minecraft summer 2024 21260 boxprod v39 sha 21260 box5 v39 21260 alt2

Nature lovers and adventurers alike will adore the Cherry Blossom Garden set. This enchanting garden comes to life with beautiful cherry blossoms, animals, and the threat of zombies! You can help Sunny tend to the garden while defending it from zombie attacks. This LEGO Minecraft summer 2024 set includes an adult and baby Sniffer, a rare mob introduced last year, adding a unique touch to your collection.

The Wolf Stronghold (21261)

312 pieces | Includes a Wolf Tamer, and two Skeleton minifigures | $34.99

lego minecraft summer 2024 21261 boxprod v39 sha 21261 box5 v39 21261 alt3

Fortify your defenses with the Wolf Stronghold building set. This set features a wolf’s head entrance that can change from friendly to angry. Inside, you’ll find a crafting table, blast furnace, anvil, and smithing table. But beware of the two LEGO Minecraft skeletons that are lurking nearby, ready to attack.

The Windmill Farm (21262)

462 pieces | Includes Miller, Shepherd Villager, and Zombie minifigures | $54.99

lego minecraft summer 2024 21262 boxprod v39 sha 21262 box5 v39 21262 alt5

Experience the charm of rural Minecraft with this latest LEGO Minecraft summer 2024 set. This set includes a functional windmill that grinds wheat into flour. Gather eggs, milk, and sugar to bake delicious bread and cakes. Keep your supplies safe from zombies in this detailed, farm-themed set that brings the Minecraft countryside to life.

The Badlands Mineshaft (21263) 

538 pieces | Includes Badlands Explorer, Husk, and Creeper minifigures | $59.99

lego minecraft summer 2024 21263 boxprod v39 sha 21263 box5 v39 21263 alt5

Unearth treasures in the Badlands Mineshaft. This new LEGO Minecraft summer 2024 set lets you explore an abandoned mine, using TNT to reveal valuable resources like copper, gold, redstone, and amethyst crystals. Face the challenges of a Minecraft cave spider, Creeper, Husk, and slime as you navigate the treacherous terrain to secure your treasures.

The Ender Dragon and End Ship (21264)

657 pieces | Includes Ender Explorer, Ender Knight, and Enderman minifigures | $79.99

lego minecraft summer 2024 21264 boxprod v39 sha 21264 box5 v39 21264 alt4

For those seeking ultimate adventure, the Ender Dragon and End Ship set is a must-have. Battle the formidable Ender Dragon and attempt to steal the prized dragon’s egg. The dragon features movable limbs for dynamic play. Take refuge in the End Ship, equipped with a brewing stand and health potions, for a thrilling end biome experience.

Enhance Your LEGO Minecraft Summer 2024 Building Experience with the LEGO Builder App

All six new LEGO Minecraft sets are further complemented with the intuitive LEGO Builder app. This app allows you to zoom in, rotate models in 3D, and track your building progress, providing a fully immersive digital building experience.

Availability and Special LEGO Minecraft Summer 2024 Celebration Packages

To mark this special occasion, the LEGO Group has sent special packages to Minecraft creators globally. These packages include the ultra-exclusive LEGO Brickerite Ore cube designed to inspire creators to reminisce and recreate their favorite Minecraft memories using LEGO bricks.

You can watch this creative set in action right here:

These new LEGO Minecraft Summer 2024 sets will be available starting June 1, 2024. You can find them at your local LEGO stores, or at, and other leading retailers worldwide. Which of these is your personal favorite? Let me know in the comments below.


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