The LEGO Group and Fingersoft have teamed up to bring a new and exhilarating gaming experience for fans worldwide. LEGO Hill Climb Adventures combines the beloved elements of Hill Climb Racing with the imaginative play of LEGO, creating a unique and entertaining single-player exploration game.

What is LEGO Hill Climb Adventures?

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In this innovative game, players embark on a grand adventure, tackling challenging hills in a 3D environment. Equipped with a variety of Hill Climb Racing and LEGO brick vehicles and gadgets, players can unlock exciting new locations and explore the vast and imaginative world of Hill Climb Racing’s Climb Canyon.

A Perfect Mix of Two Iconic Brands

The Hill Climb Racing series has captivated a global audience, and the collaboration with LEGO adds a creative twist to this popular franchise. According to the developers, there was a natural synergy between the two brands, making this partnership an exciting venture. By merging the best aspects of both, LEGO Hill Climb Adventures delivers a fresh and engaging play experience that fans of both brands will love.

LEGO Hill Clim Adventures Offers Excitement and Innovation from Day One

The anticipation for LEGO Hill Climb Adventures has been building since its testing phase began in early 2023. The feedback from this phase has been instrumental in refining the game, ensuring it is packed with fun, creativity, and the challenging hills that players crave.

Here’s what we can expect from this LEGO video game.

Features of LEGO Hill Climb Adventures

Diverse Vehicles and Gadgets

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From classic Hill Climb Racing cars to imaginative LEGO creations, the game offers a wide array of vehicles to enhance the adventure.

Expansive Exploration

Navigate through the fictional Climb Canyon, discovering new terrains and secret locations.

Creative Play

Enjoy the freedom of LEGO-style building and customization within the game.

Free to Play

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures is now available for download on both Google Play and Apple App Store. Dive into this exciting world where the thrill of Hill Climb Racing meets the creative possibilities of LEGO. Download it today and start your new racing adventure!

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Hill Climb Racing or a LEGO enthusiast, LEGO Hill Climb Adventures offers a fresh and exciting way to play. With its unique combination of racing and building, this game is set to become a new favorite.

Check out Fingersoft’s official launch trailer of LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, and LEGO’s official blurb about this latest, exciting video game.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures

Available both on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

lego hill climb adventuresSet off on a grand adventure as you brave the hills in LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, a single-player exploration game where iconic LEGO® worlds and Hill Climb Racing collide!

Select from a variety of Hill Climb Racing and LEGO vehicles and climb the classic Climb Canyon hills! Using the familiar, fun gameplay of Hill Climb Racing, this brand-new game adds twists and extra depth to the beloved gameplay formula with the addition of exploration, adventures, and stories for you to discover!

Where will your adventure take you?


* Discover Fun Adventures and Amazing Stories

Meet unique LEGO Hill Climb Adventures characters who will have exciting storylines with a variety of missions for you to undertake and complete.

* Vehicles and Gadgets

With a variety of vehicles for you to drive each with its own active and passive gadgets, there’s a huge amount of potential combinations to help you on your adventure!

* Upgrade and Improve

Collect coins and bricks scattered throughout the levels to permanently boost the power of your vehicles!

* Hidden Paths and Secrets

Explore each level as they will have multiple paths for you to traverse, along with sneakily hidden secrets for you to discover!

* Meet the Minifigures

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures brings a host of memorable characters from Climb Canyon allowing you to meet a variety of lovable, quirky characters!

* Test your skills

Figure out the best way to complete the missions given to you by the Minifigure residents of the world by selecting your vehicle and equipped gadgets carefully. Some combinations might work better for certain missions!

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