The LEGO Group has revealed two exciting new sets in their LEGO Animal Crossing Summer 2024 lineup: Fly with Dodo Airlines (77051) and K.K.’s Concert at the Plaza (77052). These latest LEGO Animal Crossing sets bring a fresh wave of creativity and customization, drawing inspiration from the beloved Animal Crossing video game series.

Discover the Exciting LEGO Animal Crossing Summer 2024 Sets

These LEGO Animal Crossing Summer 2024 duo are set to delight fans with their engaging features and nostalgic nods to the beloved video game series. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Fly with Dodo Airlines (77051)

292 pieces | Includes Wilbur and Tangy minifigures | $37.99 | Coming Soon on August 1, 2024

lego animal crossing summer 2024

Take to the skies with the LEGO Animal Crossing™ Fly with Dodo Airlines Airport Playset (77051). This set is perfect for children aged 7 and up, providing them with the opportunity to explore new islands and create their own adventures, just like in the Animal Crossing game.

Features and Details

77051 box1 v39 77051 box5 v39

  • Seaplane Adventure: Kids can build the seaplane and imagine flying off to new destinations. The set includes a ticket for travelers, a propeller that spins, and minifigures of Wilbur the pilot and Tangy.
  • Interactive Elements: The airport features a jetty leading to a beach, a control tower, and an opening orange gate. These details immerse children in the familiar Animal Crossing setting.
  • Customizable Flag: One of the standout features is the ability to customize the airport’s flag using tiled elements. This mirrors the pattern feature found in the game, similar to the mosaic customization in the retired LEGO DOTS theme.
  • LEGO Builder App: The set is compatible with the LEGO Builder app, allowing kids to zoom in, rotate models in 3D, and discover new ways to play.

K.K.’s Concert at the Plaza (77052)

550 pieces | Includes K.K., Isabelle, and Audie minifigures | $79.99 | Coming Soon on August 1, 2024

lego animal crossing summer 2024

Unleash the creative builder in you with the LEGO Animal Crossing Summer 2024 set, K.K.’s Concert in the Plaza (77052). Designed for children aged 7 and up, this set lets kids and kids-at-heart recreate scenes from the game and embark on imaginative adventures with beloved characters.

Features and Details

77052 box1 v39 77052 box5 v39

  • Concert Setup: Kids can set up for K.K.’s concert, fetching his toy microphone from the camper vehicle’s roof and pretending to play the guitar or join Isabelle for group stretching.
  • Interactive Play: The set includes 3 minifigures and various accessories recognizable from the game. Kids can visit the café with Audie, explore the town hall, and discover surprises hidden in the tree.
  • Customizable Flag: Similar to the Fly with Dodo Airlines set, this set also features a customizable flag for the Resident Services building, enhancing the creative play experience.
  • Rearrangeable Baseplates: The baseplates can be rearranged, allowing children to change the look of their LEGO Animal Crossing set and create new scenes.

Bringing the Animal Crossing World to Life

This pair of LEGO Animal Crossing Summer 2024 sets offers a unique blend of creativity, customization, and interactive play. These sets not only capture the essence of the Animal Crossing game but also provide a hands-on experience that encourages imaginative storytelling and play.

With their unique features, interactive elements, and endless customization possibilities, these sets are sure to provide hours of fun and creativity. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring home the magic of these LEGO Animal Crossing Summer 2024 sets.  In the meantime, while waiting for their arrival in August, be sure to add this pair to your LEGO wishlist by clicking on their affiliate links above.

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