LEGO Batman fans, get ready! LEGO has officially revealed four exciting new LEGO Batman Summer 2024 sets coming this August, featuring characters and scenes from The Animated Series, The Dark Knight Rises, and more.

After a brief sneak peek was pulled down due to early reviews, the LEGO Group has now given us a full look at these sets, set for release in August 2024, with one already available for pre-order.

Enter the New LEGO Batman Summer 2024

Batman Mech Armor (76270)

140 pieces | Includes a Batman minifigure | $14.99 | Coming Soon on August 1, 2024

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Everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader now has his own mech suit! The Batman Mech Armor (76270) set includes a boilerplate Batman minifigure equipped with a black, grey, and yellow mech. While this LEGO Batman Summer 2024 set might not hold many surprises, it fits perfectly into the current trend of mini mech suits for LEGO characters. It’s a must-have for fans wanting to bolster their Batman collection with a robust and imposing figure.

The Batcave with Batman, Batgirl, and The Joker (76272)

184 pieces | Includes Batman, Batgirl, and The Joker minifigures | $34.99 | Coming Soon on August 1, 2024

lego batman summer 2024 76272 box1 v39 76272 box5 v39 76272 alt3 76272 lifestyle envr

Step into the iconic Batcave with this latest LEGO Batman Summer 2024 rendition. Featuring Batman, Batgirl, and The Joker, this LEGO 4+ set is inspired by the classic Batman comics for its source material, offering a versatile and imaginative play experience. While Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City’s Joker remains exclusive to another set, this version of The Joker sports a new torso, adding a unique touch to your collection.

Batman Construction Figure and the Bat-Pod Bike (76273)

713 pieces | $64.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from August 1, 2024

lego batman summer 2024 76273 boxprod v39 sha 76273 box5 v39 76273 lifestyle envr

For fans of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, the Batman Construction Figure and the Bat-Pod Bike (76273) set is a must-see. Although The Dark Knight Rises branding is absent from the packaging, the set clearly draws inspiration from the iconic films. This isn’t the first buildable figure in the LEGO DC Comics Superheroes theme for this year. This latest construction shares the same brick DNA with this year’s LEGO Marvel Green Goblin Construction Figure (76284) as well.

Batman with the Batmobile vs. Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze (76274)

435 pieces | Includes Batman, Harley Quinn, and Mr. Freeze minifigures | $59.99 | Coming Soon on August 1, 2024

lego batman summer 2024 76274 boxprod v39 sha 76274 box5 v39 76274 alt4 76274 lifestyle envr

Taking cues from Batman: The Animated Series, this latest LEGO Batman Summer 2024 set introduces a fresh take on the Batmobile, featuring a dark blue color scheme instead of the traditional black. This set includes a new Batman minifigure with a rubber cape, a returning Harley Quinn from the Gotham City set, and a brand new Mr. Freeze inspired by his animated appearance. It’s a dynamic addition to any Batman fan’s collection, offering both nostalgia and novelty.

LEGO Batman Summer 2024: Release Dates and Availability

These LEGO Batman Summer 2024 sets are slated for a June 1 release in the UK and Europe. However, fans in the US will need to wait until August to get their hands on these exciting new sets. With one set already available for pre-order, it’s the perfect time to add these to your wishlist.

For the latest updates and detailed reviews, keep an eye on our blog. Don’t miss out on these fantastic additions to the LEGO Batman universe. Be sure to use our LEGO affiliate links to pre-order and secure your sets today!

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