The LEGO Group has officially unveiled the eagerly anticipated LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat (21349). This set, born from the brilliant imagination of Damian Andres, is the latest addition to the LEGO Ideas lineup, inspired by his successful 10K submission.

Unveiling the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat (21349)

From Concept to Creation: The Journey of the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat (21349)

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Originally, Damian Andres proposed a Siamese-Birman crossover at the LEGO Ideas community, but he later introduced a charming black-and-white version to the project page. This updated design, which eventually led to the creation of the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat (21349), is likely to resonate with a wider audience of pet lovers, transcending the specific breed initially envisioned by Damian.

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The final model boasts an impressive 1,710 pieces, allowing for a detailed and intricate build. One of the standout features of the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat is the inclusion of two sets of interchangeable eye tiles, giving you the option to choose between blue and yellow eyes for your feline friend. Additionally, the model features several points of articulation, including the neck, tail, mouth, ears, and front paws. This flexibility lets you make subtle adjustments to its pose, although it primarily remains in a classic sitting position.

The Inspiration Behind the Build

Damian’s original creation, simply titled ‘Cat,’ was first submitted in December 2020. It quickly garnered the support of 10,000 LEGO enthusiasts in under two years, earning a place in the third 2022 review. The approval of this set marked a significant milestone in Damian’s journey, culminating in the release of the new LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat (21349) set.

Why the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat is a Must-Have

The LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat (21349) is more than just a LEGO set; it’s a tribute to the love of cats and the creativity of the LEGO community. Whether you’re a seasoned LEGO builder or a cat enthusiast, this set offers a unique and rewarding building experience.

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With its 1,710 pieces, the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat set allows for a highly detailed build. The ability to customize the cat’s eyes and pose adds a personal touch, making it a fantastic display piece for any setting.

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An Ideal Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for a LEGO fan or a cat lover? The LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat is an excellent choice. Its detailed design and interactive features make it a delightful present for any occasion.

Release Date and Pricing Details

The LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat (21349) is slated to launch on June 1, 2024. It will be available for purchase on and in LEGO Stores. Eager fans can even pre-order this delightful set, retailing for £89.99 in the UK, $99.99 in the US, and €99.99 in Europe.

Check out the rest of its product details below.

LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat (21349)

1,710 pieces | $99.99 | Coming soon on June 1, 2024

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Spend quality time creating feline home decor with this LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat building set for adults (21349). The purr-fect treat for yourself or a cat gift idea for a friend who loves animals, nature, or design, this lifelike (and allergy-friendly!) black-and-white cat model comes with a choice of yellow or blue eyes. Build and easily rebuild the cat with an open or closed mouth, rotate its head, and adjust the ears, paws, and tail for different playful poses.

This collectible LEGO set includes illustrated instructions to guide you through every step of the mindful, creative activity. You can also find instructions and 3D digital viewing tools on the LEGO Builder app to enhance your building experience.

This LEGO Ideas model is created by a fan designer, voted for by LEGO fans and produced by the LEGO Group, and it’s part of a carefully curated collection of top-quality LEGO Sets for Adults (each sold separately). Whatever your passion, there is a building project waiting for you.

  • Cat gift idea for adults – Build it yourself or invite other animal lovers to create their own feline home decor with this brick-built LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat statue
  • Lifelike tuxedo cat model for display – Immerse yourself in a creative building project and capture the distinctive look of a tuxedo cat using LEGO® bricks
  • A cat-themed gift that makes playful home decor – Rotate the cat’s head and adjust the ears, paws and tail for different poses
  • Fun creative activity – Select yellow or blue eyes and build the cat with either an open or closed mouth
  • Tuxedo cat gift – Treat yourself or give this LEGO® Ideas building kit for adults to a cat owner or any creative adult with a passion for animals, nature or design
  • Step-by-step guide – Includes an illustrated booklet featuring interviews with the set’s fan designer and LEGO® designer, plus instructions to guide you through every step of this creative activity
  • The LEGO® fans’ choice – This collectible building set for adults is one of an array of LEGO Ideas sets (each sold separately), each created by a fan designer and voted for by LEGO fans
  • Fun cat decor for the home – This 1,710-piece LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat model stands over 12.5 in. (32 cm) tall

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