LEGO has once again captivated fans with the introduction of its latest set, the LEGO Traditional Chess Set (40719). This brick-built masterpiece combines the timeless charm of chess with the creativity of LEGO, offering enthusiasts a unique and elegant way to enjoy the classic game.

A Closer Look at the LEGO Traditional Chess 40719 Set

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Classic Design and Aesthetic Appeal

There have been plenty of brick iterations that LEGO introduced about this classic board game. Since the release of the very first LEGO Chess set back in 2005 in the likes of the LEGO Knights’ Kingdom Chess Set (851499) inspired by the LEGO Castles theme, the latest version of the LEGO Traditional Chess Set 40719 is the closest thing that we now have in replicating the beloved board game. It follows a similar design concept that is highlighted in 2017’s LEGO Chess (40174) set.

The LEGO Traditional Chess Set is a stunning creation, meticulously designed to reflect the traditional essence of chess. With 743 pieces, this set utilizes a range of brown and tan hues from the LEGO color palette, resulting in a classic look of the sophisticated chessboard and its pieces.

Brick-Built Chess Pieces

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Each piece in the set is brick-built, representing traditional chess pieces such as the king, queen, bishop, knight, rook, and pawn. This set deviates from previous LEGO chess sets that were themed or minifigure-centric, opting instead for a more conventional approach. The result is a visually appealing and functional chess set that will appeal to both LEGO enthusiasts and chess purists.

Dual Functionality and Features: A LEGO Traditional Chess Set and Checkers Rolled Into One.

A 2-in-1 Gaming Experience

Another standout feature of the LEGO Traditional Chess Set is its dual functionality. Not only can you play chess, but the set also includes pieces for checkers. This clever design choice maximizes the playability and versatility of the set, providing hours of entertainment for board game lovers.

The checker pieces are represented by 4×4 round tiles, offering a simple and effective solution for playing the game. When a piece reaches the opposite side of the board, stacking the tiles serves as an intuitive way to “king” a piece, adding an extra layer of strategy and fun to the game.

Elegant Details and Premium Features of the LEGO Traditional Chess (40719)

To enhance the set’s luxurious feel, LEGO designers have incorporated pearl gold elements around the edge of the board. These accents give the impression of an upscale and premium product, elevating the overall aesthetic of the chess set.

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Among the standout details are the pearl gold nanofigures atop the queen pieces, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. These small yet significant details showcase LEGO’s particular attention to detail, which makes the LEGO Traditional Chess set even more Instagram-worthy.

Practical and Convenient Storage and Display

Practicality is key with the LEGO Traditional Chess Set. The entire board can split into two halves, making storage and transportation more convenient. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to take the set on the go or simply save space when not in use.

For those who wish to display the set permanently, the chessboard measures 30cm wide and deep, making it a manageable size for most display areas. The pieces themselves, with 16 in brown and 16 in tan, stand up to 10cm tall when placed on the board, making for an impressive and eye-catching display.

The LEGO Traditional Chess Set (40719) is a remarkable fusion of classic gaming and LEGO creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned chess player, a checkers enthusiast, or a LEGO fan, this set offers something special for everyone. Its elegant design, dual functionality, and practical features make it a standout addition to any collection.

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LEGO Traditional Chess (40719)

743 pieces | $74.99 | Coming soon on June 1, 2024

lego traditional chess lego traditional chess lego traditional chess

Bond over board games with the LEGO Traditional Chess Set (40719) for kids, a fun educational toy for boys and girls aged 9 and up.

A fun version of the beloved family board game, this buildable chess set includes chess and checkers pieces, so budding strategists can enjoy two games in one. Intricate details include minifigure statues on the queen pieces and shiny gold-colored elements. Once built, the set becomes a piece of unique desk decor or can be split in two for easy storage. Checkmate!

  • Board game for kids – Inspire young strategists with the LEGO Traditional Chess Set, a building set for boys and girls aged 9 and up who can bond with friends and family over a buildable board game
  • 2 LEGO® games included – Featuring chess pieces and checkers pieces, this educational toy encourages kids to master 2 classic games with one set
  • Discover the details – The board features shiny gold-colored elements, while the queen pieces are topped with minifigure statues
  • Desk decor – Once complete, the set becomes a display piece for bedrooms and offices and can be split in two for easy storage
  • Family activities – Families can spend hours making memories and learning new skills together as they practice 2 timeless games
  • Gift idea for boys and girls – The set makes an educational gift for kids, as well as a birthday or holiday gift for board game lovers of all ages
  • Dimensions – The set includes 743 pieces measure over 4 in. (10 cm) high, 12 in. (30 cm) wide, and 12 in. (30 cm) deep

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