Excitement is brewing in the LEGO universe as we catch a glimpse of the highly-anticipated LEGO Dreamzzz May 2024 sets. These new and enchanting sets feature new builds that promise to transport us to a dream world of fantasy and adventure.

Introducing the LEGO Dreamzzz May 2024 Sets

Relatively new to the scene, the LEGO Dreamzzz theme gradually had a following from LEGO fans, with 19 sets under its belt from last year. Aside from what was first revealed as the first wave of LEGO Dreamzzz 2024 sets, another batch is expected to arrive later this June. And thanks to a Mexican LEGO-certified store, we can now have a sneak peek of things to come for this second wave of dreamy, fantasy sets.


The Never Witch’s Midnight Raven (71478)

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First on our list of LEGO Dreamzzz May 2024 sets is the Never Witch’s Midnight Raven (71478). The mysterious allure of this set promises to enchant with its dark and haunting aesthetic, making it a must-have for collectors and fantasy enthusiasts alike. Coming in at 1,203 pieces, this set includes five minifigures and is expected to retail in the US somewhere between $120 to $125.

Cooper’s Robot Dinosaur C-Rex (71484)

lego dreamzzz may 2024 71484 b 71484 lifestyle cons 02

Unleash your imagination with Cooper’s Robot Dinosaur C-Rex. Coming in at 917 pieces, this set combines the futuristic allure of robotics with the timeless appeal of dinosaurs, offering endless possibilities for creative play. From what we see, this LEGO Dreamzzz May 2024 set shares some bit of brick DNA with the models that we saw before with the LEGO Jurassic World T. rex vs Dino-Mech Battle (75938) and Jurassic Park T. rex Rampage (75936).  Cooper’s Robot Dinosaur C-Rex also includes 4 minifigures and is expected to retail for $90 to $93.

Mateo and Z-Blob the Knight Battle Mech (71485)

lego dreamzzz may 2024 71485 box4 v29 71485 lifestyle evnr 03 71485 lifestyle cons 08

Mateo and Z-Blob are back on an epic adventure, and this time, aboard their towering Knight Battle Mech. This set is sure to ignite the imagination with its dynamic design and thrilling action-packed features, making it the perfect addition to any LEGO collection. This LEGO Dreamzzz May 2024 set clocks in at 1,333 pieces and comes with 4 minifigures including a very aesthetic translucent raven figure.

Release Details

While these sets are slated for release in May, eager fans may need to exercise a bit of patience as June could be the more realistic timeframe, based on previous LEGO second-semester release patterns. However, rest assured that the wait will be well worth it once these sets hit the shelves.

Where to Find Them

Keep an eye out for these sets on the official LEGO website, as they are expected to make their debut anytime soon. Be sure to stay tuned for updates here on our blog site as we eagerly await their arrival on LEGO’s home shopping portal.


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