Amidst the buzz surrounding the recent reveal of a LEGO Water Park promotional set, another exciting GWP (gift-with-purchase) has emerged on the horizon – the LEGO Trophy Award 40688.

The LEGO Trophy Award 40688 Spotted

Spotted initially on an online Russian LEGO retailer’s website, this upcoming set has swiftly captured the attention of eagle-eyed LEGO fans and collectors. What’s more, its presence on LEGO’s building instructions page further fuels the anticipation surrounding its release.

lego trophy award 40688 40688 1

Familiar Yet Fresh

With 157 pieces to assemble, the LEGO Trophy Award 40688 bears striking resemblances to its predecessor, the LEGO Trophy (40385), which made its debut back in 2019. However, this latest iteration promises a fresh take on celebration and victory.

Speculation and Expected Release Date

While an exact release date remains elusive, speculations suggest a potential drop in April. As we eagerly await confirmation, one thing is certain – this next promotional set is a great addition to your collection and a cool way to celebrate any achievements, big or small.

What to Expect from the LEGO Trophy Award 40688

True to its name, the LEGO Trophy Award 40688 comes adorned with an array of vibrant labels and stickers, perfect for commemorating your triumphs and victories. Whether you’re celebrating a personal milestone or showcasing your competitive spirit, this set is bound to elevate the occasion.

This next promotional is yet to be seen on, but I’m quite sure that it might make its official appearance any time soon. So be sure to bookmark our blog site for the latest developments about this next freebie.

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