The anticipation builds as LEGO and D&D fans get treated to another teaser in the form of a brick version of a LEGO Dungeons and Dragons Mimic set. This comes as LEGO fans eagerly await the unveiling of the upcoming LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set. With each teaser drop, the anticipation grows, and this time around, this LEGO Dungeons and Dragons Mimic set adds more excitement and reason to get this latest LEGO Ideas offering.

Does the Second LEGO Teaser Hints on a Possible LEGO Dungeons and Dragons Mimic Set?

lego dungeons and dragons mimic

In the latest teaser shared across social media platforms, a seemingly ordinary chest takes center stage. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that this chest holds more than meets the eye. Upon closer inspection, the chest reveals its true form – a menacing four-eyed LEGO Dungeons and Dragons Mimic!

The Intriguing World of Mimics

A Dungeons and Dragons Mimic as illustrated by D&D Beyond.

Mimics, known for their shape-shifting abilities, are formidable adversaries in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. These cunning creatures masquerade as everyday objects, luring unsuspecting adventurers into their trap. The reveal of a possible LEGO Dungeons and Dragons Mimic set adds an exciting twist to the LEGO Ideas D&D set, promising players another level of brick-built adventure.

A Brick-Built LEGO Dungeons and Dragons Mimic Will be a Great Offering

Unlike its gelatinous counterpart featured in the first teaser, the Mimic showcased in this teaser is entirely brick-built. This attention to detail brings the creature to life in stunning LEGO form, capturing its essence while staying true to its iconic chest design.

lego dungeons and dragons mimic

As fans eagerly await the full reveal of the LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set, speculation runs wild among LEGO and D&D communities. Will there be more teasers offering tantalizing glimpses into the set’s contents, or will the grand unveiling be next? Only time will tell, and this LEGO Dungeons and Dragons Mimic surely spices up any reveal that may happen any time soon.

So what is your take on this teaser? My gut feeling tells me that this brick version of a LEGO Dungeons and Dragons Mimic may soon arrive as a promotional or gift-with-purchase set. As we commonly know, LEGO has a penchant for offering GWP sets alongside its larger 18+ sets as an incentive for those who will get the set early.

What do you think? Will this animated LEGO Dungeons and Dragons Mimic find its way as an actual LEGO set? Is the LEGO Ideas Dungeons and Dragons set in your LEGO bucket list of must-have sets for 2024? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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