The Brick Show Shop is running another super saver sale with a Buy One Get One Promo at 50% Off on custom LEGO pieces created by Build Better Bricks.

This BOGO promo offers a slash of 50% off on the second lower-priced custom LEGO element that you will purchase. It’s a great way to make the most out of your LEGO MOC budget, in my opinion.

Here are some of the newest custom LEGO pieces that are currently included in this promo, all designed by the excellent folks over at Build Better Bricks.  Check these out.

Custom LEGO Pieces from Build Better Bricks

Brick-Aid, First Aid (2×2 Tile) – $1.50/piece

custom lego pieces

High School Locker (Sweetheart) for Minifigs – $3/piece

custom lego sweetheart locker blo

High School Locker (Plain) for Minifigs – $3/piece

custom lego high school locker orange bright

BD, Buildin’ Coffee Cup for Minifigs – $2/piece

custom lego pieces

Battle Droid in Carbonite (1x2x5 Brick) – $5/piece

custom lego battle droid in carbonite star wars

B3 Customs Cobblestone (Plant Overgrowth) Tile Part Pack (20 Tiles) – $19.99/pack

custom lego pieces

Clutch Court Street Sign made with LEGO part (1×4 Tile) – $1.50/piece

custom lego clutch court street

Cupid’s Way Street Sign made with LEGO part (1×4 Tile) – $1.50/piece

lego cupids way vday street

Custom 6-Pack of Making Dew Soda – $4.99/set

IMG 3709

All of these custom LEGO pieces are in stock. But given that they are at their lowest price offering then I guess you better act fast since they may run out anytime soon over at The Brick Show Shop.

So what are you planning to build today? Let me know in the comments below.

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