After its short stint in collaborating with Netflix to come up with LEGO Stranger Things back in 2019, it looks like word from the rumor mill seems to point to an upcoming tie-in set that highlights one particular member of the iconic Addams Family. A LEGO Wednesday theme and its corresponding sets are rumored to make an entrance sometime this second half of 2024. Its rumored release date is still months away in October, but the stars seem to align toward this possibility, as shared with us by reliable LEGO insider maxbautde.

Exploring the Buzz: LEGO Wednesday Sets Coming Soon?

The rumored arrival of LEGO Wednesday sets, inspired by the popular Netflix series and like its main character, seems to be shrouded in mystery. As of to date, there is no confirmation whatsoever coming from the LEGO Group if such is the case, save for what maxbautde is claiming to be the theme’s current code name. Concealed behind the code name “Buffalo”, maxbautde has reason to believe that this particular code refers to three sets dedicated to the eerie and funny world of LEGO Wednesday.

Unraveling the Mystery: What to Expect from LEGO Wednesday Sets?

Let’s try to decipher what we can glean about these LEGO Wednesday sets thus far. What we know so far stems from the often reliable info shared by maxbautde, renowned for his accurate foresight into forthcoming LEGO releases.

Contrary to initial speculation, it appears that we’re in for not just two, but potentially three exciting sets, each offering a unique glimpse into the universe of LEGO Wednesday.

The Story and Content Behind LEGO Wednesday Sets

For those unacquainted, Wednesday emerged on Netflix screens in 2022, swiftly securing its place among the streaming giant’s top-ranking series. Positioned just behind juggernauts like Squid Game and Stranger Things, this spin-off from the beloved Addams Family franchise, inspired by Charles Addams’ iconic cartoons, follows the misadventures of the enigmatic daughter, Wednesday. Portrayed by Jenna Ortega, she navigates the eccentricities of Nevermore Academy, a haven for peculiar denizens.

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And given its huge success and high ratings, it comes as no surprise if the Netflix hit series gets a nod from LEGO. And given that LEGO’s substantially huge fan base comes from AFOLs or Adult Fans of LEGO, coming up with LEGO tie-in sets for the popular series will certainly be welcomed by the LEGO community.

Embracing Your Dark, and Funn Side: What Makes LEGO Wednesday Sets Unique?

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Distinguished by its penchant for black humor and macabre undertones, the “Wednesday” series caters to a mature audience, reflected in its 12+ age rating. Much akin to the allure of Stranger Things, the series seamlessly blends elements of horror with its compelling narrative.

LEGO’s marketing and research arm (no pun intended) surely has a good grasp of what LEGO fans surely want. And a crossover between this highly successful series and LEGO will certainly be something that fans will welcome.

Three LEGO Wednesday Sets On the Horizon

As shared by maxbautde on Instagram, fans can anticipate two standard sets tailored for older children, boasting 702 and 750 pieces respectively. Priced at 49.99 euros and 79.99 euros (roughly $55 and $85 respectively), the reasoning behind this price discrepancy remains shrouded in mystery.

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Image courtesy of maxbautde from Instagram.

While details regarding additional features such as light or sound bricks are scarce, one thing is certain: these sets promise an immersive experience. Complementing these offerings is a LEGO BrickHeadz set featuring the titular character, expected to retail at a modest 9.99 euros ($10 perhaps).

Minidolls Take Center Stage on LEGO Wednesday

In a departure from tradition, LEGO Wednesday is rumored to make use of minidolls instead of the minifigures in contrast to what was offered before with LEGO Stranger Things.

This decision underscores LEGO’s continuous effort to engage with its fanbase, particularly the teenage demographic. With a nod to the success of the minidolls introduced in the LEGO Friends series, LEGO aims to captivate a new generation of TFOLs or Teen Fans of LEGO.

What Do You Think?

Are you eagerly anticipating the debut of LEGO Wednesday sets, despite the unconventional use of minidolls? What scenes do you think these sets will render? Share your thoughts and speculations in the comments below.

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