Excitement reaches new heights for LEGO Ninjago fans as the official product page for the LEGO Micro Ninjago City (40703) now officially graces LEGO.com. This exclusive gift-with-purchase set, comprising 339 pieces, is poised to set itself apart, especially in regions outside China where it diverges from the conventional purchase system by utilizing Insider points.

What to Expect from the LEGO Micro Ninjago City Promotional Set

lego micro ninjago city

As the LEGO Micro Ninjago City (40703) gift-with-purchase (GWP) set proudly adorns the LEGO Shop, the imminent release of this captivating set becomes increasingly apparent. Though the pricing details remain undisclosed, one can speculate that it will align with or possibly undercut last year’s Houses of the World sets, each requiring a $250 expenditure of qualified LEGO sets.

Having provided a sneak peek earlier this month, enthusiasts can now delve into the much-anticipated LEGO Micro Ninjago City (40703), along with its miniature counterparts. Let’s the intricacies and delights offered by this captivating LEGO creation.

The Essence of LEGO Micro Ninjago City (40703) GWP Set

Nurturing the inner ninja in fans aged 10 and above, the LEGO Micro Ninjago City 40703 empowers builders to construct their micro model of NINJAGO City. A delightful playset, this downsized version pays homage to its larger counterpart, the LEGO NINJAGO City (70620) building set.

Let’s explore the features that make this micro-city a must-have for LEGO fans.

LEGO Micro NINJAGO City – A Miniature Marvel

A smaller rendition of the grand LEGO NINJAGO City (70620) playset, the LEGO Micro Ninjago City (40703) boasts a vibrant 5-story city block adorned with teahouses and a rooftop sushi bar. Immerse yourself in the intricate details that bring this micro model to life.

Modular Marvels for Young Builders

Designed with kids in mind, the Micro NINJAGO City presents a modular building experience. Boys and girls can interconnect this micro-city with three additional sets (available separately), creating a compact yet complete version of NINJAGO City. This modular feature adds a layer of creativity and expandability to the building process.

Dimensions that Delight

Measuring 6 inches (16 cm) in height, 4 inches (10 cm) in width, and 3 inches (8 cm) in depth, the LEGO Micro Ninjago City captivates with its compact yet captivating dimensions. The intricately designed structures and elements make it a standout addition to any LEGO collection.

For more details, take a look at the official product description and images below.

LEGO Micro Ninjago City (40703)

339 pieces | Valued at $16.99 and will be added to your LEGO cart for free once you reach the qualifying amount of LEGO purchases

lego micro ninjago city lego micro ninjago city

Ninja fans aged 10 and up can now build their micro model of NINJAGO® City with this fun and detailed playset. The LEGO Micro NINJAGO City (40703) is a downsized version of the bigger NINJAGO City (70620) building set and features a bustling 5-story city block with teahouses and a rooftop sushi bar. The micro city can also be connected to 3 other micro sets (sold separately) to complete a small NINJAGO City.

  • Buildable micro model of NINJAGO® City – A smaller model of the NINJAGO City (70620) playset featuring a bustling 5-story city block with teahouses and a rooftop sushi bar
  • Modular building for kids – Boys and girls can connect the micro city to 3 other sets (sold separately) to complete a small version of NINJAGO® City
  • Dimensions – The micro city measures 6 in. (16 cm) high, 4 in. (10 cm) wide and 3 in. (8cm) deep

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