LEGO Technic fans will surely welcome this next piece of LEGO 2024 news! A sneak peek of things to come has just been unveiled once again on, teasing the arrival of ten sensational LEGO Technic 2024 sets slated for release in the first quarter of 2024.

Following a series of updates on its database, LEGO now showcases an exciting array of miniaturized models, encompassing buggies, racing cars, and a striking highlight: the introduction of four stellar space-themed Technic sets, slated for a grand March 2024 debut.

A Diverse Collection of LEGO Technic 2024 Sets

These forthcoming releases promise an eclectic collection, blending realism with imagination. Among these anticipated sets, the lineup includes both replicas of real-life prototypes and imaginatively crafted fictional designs.

However, stealing the spotlight among these intriguing releases is the unconventional yet captivating orrery labeled Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit (42179). This particular set diverges from the usual vehicular trend within the LEGO Technic portfolio, offering enthusiasts a unique and welcomed variety. Interestingly, even in this atypical creation, designers managed to seamlessly integrate the usual LEGO Technic elements, sneaking in wheels and gears that lend a familiar touch to this unconventional set.

A Glimpse into the LEGO Technic 2024 Lineup

Let’s take a closer look at this highly anticipated lineup awaiting LEGO aficionados. For more info, be sure to head over to their official product pages by clicking on their respective affiliate links below.

1. Heavy-Duty Bulldozer (42163)

195 pieces | $12.99

lego technic 2024



2. Off-Road Race Buggy (42164)

219 pieces | $19.99

lego technic 2024



3. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team (42166)

252 pieces | $26.99

lego technic 2024



4. Mack LR Electric Garbage Truck (42167)

503 pieces | $32.99

lego technic 2024



5. John Deere 9700 Forage Harvester (42168)

559 pieces | $39.99

lego technic 2024



6. NEOM McLaren Formula E Team (42169)

452 pieces | $49.99

lego technic 2024



7. Surface Space Loader LT78 (42178)

435 pieces | $34.99

lego technic 2024



8. Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit (42179)

526 pieces | $74.99

lego technic 2024



9. Mars Crew Exploration Rover (42180)

1,599 pieces | $149.99

lego technic 2024



10. VTOL Heavy Cargo Spaceship LT81 (42181)

1,365 pieces | $109.99

lego technic 2024




The LEGO Technic 2024 lineup unveils a thrilling mix of innovation, creativity, and a touch of the cosmos in this latest wave of offerings. Stay tuned for their official release on January 1st, with the Space-themed LEGO Technic 2024 sets slated for release in March of 2024.


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