This year’s LEGO Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals may all be over, but the Toy of the Year Awardee still has plenty of exciting sets to offer this December. And in case you missed the early reveal a couple of months ago, LEGO train fans and collectors will be glad to know that the LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express is finally live at

Exploring the LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express

LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express

The LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express is now available at LEGO’s home shopping portal retailing for $300. And if you’re eyeing this LEGO train set just in time for the holidays, read on to learn more about what to expect from this brick-built masterpiece.

Celebrating 140 Years of Iconic Transportation

In collaboration with The Orient Express, LEGO has embarked on a remarkable endeavor to immortalize this emblematic and lavish mode of travel in LEGO’s signature style. This initiative commemorates the train’s remarkable 140th anniversary, crafting a captivating experience through a timeless LEGO rendition.

Unveiling the Magnificent 2,540-piece LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express Train

Boasting a staggering 2,540 pieces, the LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express exudes meticulous craftsmanship and intricate details. Though it adheres to conventional track operation, the LEGO Ideas design team clarified that motorization isn’t feasible due to the set’s considerable weight.

21344 alt3

The Orient Express follows as a captivating successor to the revered 10194 Emerald Night released back in 2009. The current LEGO rendition serves as a beacon for locomotive and train enthusiasts, ending a period of neglect by delivering this exquisite masterpiece.

However Many fans were left puzzled when the final model turned out to have a predominantly blue color scheme, deviating from the original dark green proposed in the LEGO Ideas submission by fan builder LEt.sGO. Insights from Jordan Scott, the Design Lead for LEGO Ideas, shed light on this alteration during the RLFM Days in Denmark.

21344 alt8

Collaborating with the Orient Express, the decision to opt for dark blue was a strategic choice aligning the upcoming Orient Express La Dolce Vita, scheduled to grace tracks in 2024. This decision echoes the elegance and evolution of this iconic train as it is given a more modern twist.

Looking at the Details of the LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express

Eight LEGO minifigures, including the conductor, chef, staff, and an eclectic mix of passengers, enrich the set’s narrative. Featuring a film director, writer, scientist, and a regal Duchess, this ensemble adds depth to the journey experience.

LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express

While enthusiasts hoped for a motorized version, the design constraints, primarily the train’s weight, preclude this feature. Despite this setback, the allure of the Orient Express remains intact.

Within two exquisitely detailed cars, the opulence and grandeur of the journey come alive. Delicate attention to detail amplifies the authentic Orient Express experience, catering to aficionados’ discerning tastes.

Set to debut exclusively on December 1, 2023, the 21344 Orient Express awaits enthusiasts, available solely through or your local LEGO Store.

Check out the full product details of this set below, and by heading to by clicking the affiliate link below.

LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express

2,540 pieces | Includes eight minifigures | $299.99

LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express

Hark back to the golden age of train travel as you build this stunning LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express. An ideal gift for lovers of trains, travel and history, it features brick-built versions of the locomotive, tender, dining-car and sleeping-car, plus train tracks. Removable roofs allow easy viewing of the many authentic interior details of the dining-car and sleeping-car, including the inlaid panels and a mirror effect above the bed in the sleeping-car’s first-class room.

All aboard!
There are also 8 LEGO minifigures, including a railway station manager, duchess and a film director (based on the fan designer who created this set!). Find instructions in the box and on the LEGO Builder app to guide you through every step of the immersive creative experience.

Building sets for adults
Welcome to your zone. LEGO Sets for Adults is a carefully curated collection of top-quality models. Whatever your passion, there is a building project waiting for you.

  • LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express Train – Embark on a creative journey to capture the vintage glamour and rich history of the Orient Express steam train in a detailed, buildable display model
  • Includes 8 LEGO® minifigures – A duchess, conductor, train driver, waiter, railway station manager, scientist, writer and film director, plus assorted accessories and a buildable baggage cart
  • Your carriage awaits – The tender, dining-car (voiture-restaurant) and sleeping-car (voiture-lits), each with removable roofs to view the interiors, and the locomotive, plus train tracks
  • Authentic details – Inlaid panels and a mirror effect above the bed in the sleeping-car’s first-class room, an OE backgammon board, exterior decoration displaying the Paris–Istanbul route, and more
  • Gift idea for adults – Treat yourself or give this 2,540-piece Orient Express steam train building set as a birthday present or holiday gift to train enthusiasts or lovers of travel and history
  • Build and display – This collectible train model measures over 4.5 in. (12 cm) high, 46 in. (116 cm) long and 3 in. (8 cm) wide

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