After the reveal of the colossal LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower last week, it looks like LEGO is giving us another treat with the official reveal of the exclusive and exciting LEGO Marvel Taxi (5008076) gift-with-purchase set. Scroll down to take a look, and surely you won’t want to miss this limited-edition gem.

What to Expect from the LEGO Marvel Taxi GWP set

lego marvel taxi

From what we can glean from, the LEGO Marvel Taxi freebie comes in a vibrant yellow box that houses not just the GWP set itself, but a piece of the LEGO Marvel universe. The LEGO Marvel Taxi comes snug in its slightly thin yet charming packaging. However, it’s pretty exciting to see that the building instructions booklet is placed at the front.

Printed Out in Details

As confirmed by The Brick Fan, it’s nice to know that LEGO opted to throw in some printed elements together with the LEGO Marvel Taxi. Usually, gift-with-purchase sets come with stickers instead of printed parts.

So it’s great to hear that this freebie will come with 5 printed elements to adorn the brick-built taxi model. Any LEGO fan will surely welcome this kind gesture from LEGO. It’s proof of LEGO’s attention to detail and building quality that elevates this promotional set to a sought-after collectible.

The LEGO Marvel Taxi Further Expands the Number of Your Minifigures

The LEGO Marvel Taxi isn’t just about the vehicle but also underscores a minifigure-studded cast. Included in the set are four minifigure characters that bring the Marvel universe to life. Black Panther takes center stage, flanked by two outriders ready for action. And let’s not forget the unsung hero – the taxi driver, an integral part of this exciting brick-built ensemble.

It’s a LEGO Black Friday Bonanza

Hold on to your bricks because here’s another exciting kicker – the LEGO Marvel Taxi is not just a promotional set you can get from any LEGO purchase; it’s a welcome treat that will launch as part of this year’s LEGO Black Friday deals.

lego marvel taxi

Snag this set for free when you purchase the LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower (76269) during the Black Friday weekend from November 24-27. It’s a limited run, so mark your calendars so you’ll not miss out on this on Black Friday. Additionally, you must be a LEGO Insiders VIP in order to qualify. But joining is relatively easy – just follow the instructions on their mini-site and you’re good to go.

Here’s the rest of the product details for the LEGO Marvel Taxi.

LEGO Marvel Taxi 5008076

150 pieces | Includes Black Panther, two Outriders, and Taxi Driver minifigures | Gift with purchase set valued at $19.99 

lego marvel taxi

The LEGO Marvel Taxi set is a fun add-on build for the LEGO® Marvel Avengers Tower (76269). The set includes a focal taxi model with 5 decorated elements across the vehicle. There are 4 minifigure characters included: Black Panther, two outriders, and a taxi driver.


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