One of the best ways to get a lot of good, usable content is by participating in “Giveaways.” And a great one just started. From November 12 to November 30 (2020, that’s important), Melody Wigdahl ( and Chrissy Salus ( are hosting the Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway again.

That link above was my affiliate link to the Giveaway. If join, I get credit. If you buy the upsell, I get a small portion as commission. More on how “giveways” have payments in a minute.

Here’s how these giveaways work. They’re really easy ways for people to build a list of interested folks. So someone decides to host one, puts in a TON of work gathering people, getting them to giveaway some really valuable content, markets it and then hosts the event. There will be a list of all the items and their contributors and generally you sign up for those you’re interested in and get their contribution for free. They often have some optional upsell after you get your gift – often at crazy discounts.

So now they have you on a list that you’ve opted in to. Which means they can send you follow up emails. Which is why they WANT to give stuff away. Sure, most of the items & courses are super awesome, but really the money for them is keeping you in their list. Don’t get me wrong, you only opt-in to things you need or want, and you can drop off a list any time. Even 30 seconds later if you want. But don’t.

So, what are they giving away? Pretty much any kind of digital asset you can think of. From simple checklists to full blown 10 hour long video courses, with personal use rights, to products with PLR (Private Label Rights) that you can literally take and sell 5 minutes later.

Think about it. You get a TON of great content, FOR FREE, that you can learn from and some to resell to make money. It’s a now brainer for someone getting started.

So you sign up for a few mailing lists to get some awesome free content, but what about the commissions I mentioned?

There’s always an upsell. Or there should be. It’s like internet marketing 101. Once I have my wallet out to buy something, offer me a little something extra. The giveaway is 100% free, full stop. Nothing to buy. But…

What if you want a little something more. More professional content, maybe slightly higher quality? Then there’s an upgrade offer. Some giveaways offer video courses afterward, or downloadable videos. Keep an eye out.

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