Today begins my first day with a new focus and purpose. Over the last 2 years I’ve been very, very slowly working on building a revenue stream using a variety of Print On Demand (POD) methods & systems and I’m going to start sharing what I’m up to and what I’m learing. And there’s a lot that I’ve learned about Print On Demand and also about myself.

That’s neither me nor my shirt on the right. Just one I found where I liked the shirt and the model.

Now, I’m not a guru, and my income from this is just starting to hit $30 a month regularly so I’m not here to sell you on my “secret” methods or provide some miracle solution. I’m inviting you to come on my journey as I try to ramp this up to first being able to cover my POD bills through hopefully making some money.

Along the way, I’ll be using a variety of tools and sites/platforms, as well as building my own websites using WordPress and WooCommerce. I’m a fan of this combo for eCommerce sites because I’ve had experience with it, and ultimately I find it cheaper and more flexible than Shopify or something similar. I’m also using Etsy, Amazon KDP and Amazon Merch. I may branch off into RedBubble or TeeSpring territory at some point too.

Like I said, this is a journey and not some magical fix so I hope you’ll stay with me through the trials and tribulations. I’ll share openly what I learn, for better or worse, and expect some of you will do the same via the comments here.

So, where are we today? It’s November 12, 2020 – 8 months into COVID-19 territory and here’s what’s up:

Merch By Amazon: Quiet for me. I haven’t uploaded in a while and I have 1 shirt that sells a few times per month.

Amazon KDP: Doing ok. I have just over 30 books up. A couple of lined journals, a couple of puzzle books, coloring books etc. I get about 6 sales per month. I’m actively working to upload more here.

Etsy: I have 35 listings of which 10 are Halloween themed. I get about 5 sales per month and am actively working to add listings here. I think Etsy is going to be better for me than KDP for publishing “books” and other printables.

Etsy 2: I have another store with 1 listing. Obviously no sales, but a different niche than the first. Hoping for time to put some listing up. This is more of a Print On Demand/Dropshipping type store with products like bags, mugs, signs etc.

WordPress & WooCommerce: I have 6 sites I’ll refer to by initial. JJ, PP, LB, AF, C4C and PBE. None are complete, none earn any money. There’s another domain that’s related to Etsy 2 but not forwarded.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll post my October Income statement shortly.

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