by Lukas Mack

Another month and another awesome Buildapalooza. If you’re new here or couldn’t keep up with all the evening’s events then don’t fret because the Build Night Break Down has you covered. All the prizes, the parts draft, new badges and a sticky beak at what folk have been building – it’s all here.

A quick note first for those who might be new or wishing to come along to one of our build nights, Buildapalooza is PerthLUG’s regular social event where on the second Monday of the month we get together to catch up over our favourite brand of building blocks. It’s just $5 for non-members to help keep the lights on. More details at the bottom of the page.

For long-time members, I know what you’re here for – the prizes right? Ok, ok no need to shout! Jokes aside, both our Members’ Draw and extra special bonus raffle were off the chain amazing. We had an incredible SEVEN prizes to give our members… and these were epic prizes. How abouts a $100 Lego store gift voucher or two separate Botanical sets or brand new release Star Wars Brickheadz pack…and more still! See the full list below for all prizes and winners.

Members’ Draw

$100 Lego Store Gift Voucher: Dylan G
40676 The Phantom Menace BrickHeadz: Steph P
40647 Lotus Flowers: Robin G
10328 Botanicals Bouquet of Roses (Kindly donated by The LEGO Group): Judy S
10309 Botanicals Succulents (Kindly donated by The LEGO Group): G
Large Ceramic Mug (also kindly donated by The LEGO Group): Vicki H
40593 Creativity 12in1 (Kindly donated by Judy): Adrian B

Oh, but we’re not done with prizes just yet oh no! We often have a special extra and entirely optional bonus raffle anyone can buy into. Tickets are limited to just 100 numbers and we go out of our way to raffle something a bit special. For a change-up, this month the ticket prize went from the typical $2 to $5 but oh my was the prize totally worth it. Enough preamble, our warm congratulations go out to Penny W for winning the Medieval Town Square (10332)! An incredible prize and might I tip my hat to Silvia for your particularly fine taste and selection this month. I’m excited about next month’s offerings already.

In even more exciting news for members, our brick badges are here! A huge thanks to Richie and co. for getting these organised for us. Members who attended Monday got their hands on them first but those who couldn’t pick theirs up this month will have the opportunity in June and arrangements can be made for those who can’t attend so that every paid member gets their shiny new badge. Hannah and Dylan join me below in modeling these gems. Can’t deny there’s a bit of pride in wearing this. And why not show a little pride PerthLUG? We’re an amazing community!

Moving on as we must, Ben again brought us the Parts Draft and this month’s sacrifice to the parts bins was the Dreamzzz 71459 Stable of Dream Creatures. The Dreamzzz line continues to impress with an array of new parts and colours so no surprises another set hit the proverbial Parts Draft chopping block! For those lost with what’s happening here, the Parts Draft is a great way to bring along one set and take home bulk sorted parts. For more information just follow us over at the PerthLUG Facebook page but in short, it’s a wonderful resource for any MOC builder.

And finally, let’s take a peek at some of the builds people were working on this month. It’s always such a pleasure to wander and take a nosy gander about the hall. I’m only able to snap a very small sample of everything on the night but a few caught my eye and I had to share here. Judy’s Encanto Flowerpot was a surprise splash of colour and design that rivals some of the Botanical range. Meanwhile, Tamara’s Creator Sea Animals turned heads every which way – utterly adorable!

I also scoped out two incredible MOCs in progress. Liam (below) was gracious enough to give us an exclusive first look at a new background he’s working on for his larger Pirate display. Meanwhile, Lande’s post-apocalyptic run on the bank hasn’t turned out swell for one particular customer. I’m only showing y’all a glimpse of what Lande is working on here because I suspect only a first-hand look can really do it justice. Look for these superstars come Bricktober!

And that’s it folks for this month’s issue of the Break Down. Why not come along to our next Buildapalooza? We’re back again next month as usual on the second Monday, 10th June at our normal time and place; 7-11pm at John McGrath Pavilion off Hensman St, South Perth. Everyone is absolutely welcome.


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