by Lukas Mack

April might mean holidays for some but here at PerthLUG there’s no slowing down! This month’s Buildapalooza was another lively, busy bash. If you’re new here or a regular that just couldn’t make it, don’t worry, the Build Night Break Down is here to catch you up.

Quickly for those who might be new or wishing to come along to one of our build nights, Buildapalooza is PerthLUG’s regular social event where on the second Monday of the month we get together to catch up over our favourite brand of building blocks. It’s just $5 for non-members to help keep the lights on. More details at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and a special thank you to our volunteers who keep this whole show going. Thanks Helen for the room pic this month and, of course, keeping dutiful guard at the door!

As usual our valued members receive tangible rewards like the chance this month to win one of THREE Lego sets. Another perk of memebrship is if you can’t make a night or you have to leave early, you’re still in the draw. For our three winners last night, ALL just happened to be absent for the draw. That’s got to be a first but our congrats go to Mark W, Helena M and Kathryn H who will receive the Ideas Family Tree, the Disney King Magnifico’s Castle and Indiana Jones Fighter Plane Chase respectively. Your memeberships just paid off bigtime!

We also have a totally optional bonus raffle we limit to one entry per person and just 100 tickets. For James’ two-dollar coin, he took home BOTH the adorable new buildable Stitch AND Tropical Ukulele. What a win! Having seen the proportions of those two sets together, they simply couldn’t be parted. Congrats James!

Moving on from prizes I didn’t win, the Parts Draft was back again this time splitting the Donkey Kong’s Tree House. For those new or out of the loop, the Parts Draft is a great way to bring along one set and take home bulk sorted parts. For more information just follow us over at the PerthLUG Facebook page but in short, it’s a wonderful resource for any MOC builder. Whoever scored those new leaves in tan I’m super jealous but hey, got to be in it!

You could be forgiven for thinking we don’t actually do a lot of building at this so-called ‘Build Night’ but I had my photographic eye out and captured a veritable smorgasbord of fun sets. Take a gander why not?

Sophie’s Money Tree is certainly rich in colour and character, Theodore’s Triple Decker Couch Mech gave me the most awesome Lego Movie flashbacks meanwhile Jasper’s Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament set is fun above and below the waves. And her largest addition to the serpentine army yet, Krista showed off her epic Ninjago Fire Fang. What a Beast!

Hannah found herself sorting through minifig parts and accesories – a chore at times sure, but being at Buildaplaooza must take the edge off…right! And finally, a tie for cutest build of the night for me would have to go to Eleanor’s pairing of Lotus Flowers with the Birdhouse and Brooke’s alternate build of the Creator 31152 Space Astro-DOG. Argh they’re each such pretty sets! Thank you all for letting me share your builds with the community.

Speaking of community, our Facebook Group recently pushed past the 5000 member mark. This is amazing and testament to the wonderful work Dale, Richie and team have put in over the past decade to foster a friendly, inclusive environemnt for Lego lovers in Perth. It’s that same energy you’ll find in person at Buildapalooza.

If you’re looking to come to our next Buildapalooza, we’re back again next month as usual on the second Monday, 13th May at our normal time and place; 7-11pm at John McGrath Pavilion off Hensman St, South Perth. Everyone is absolutely welcome.


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