by Lukas Mack

We have a ton to cover in this issue of the Build Night Break Down so don’t dally y’all let’s just dive into our recap of March’s Buildapalooza.

Real quick first, if you’re new round these parts, Buildapalooza is PerthLUG’s monthly social night where we get together to build and chat everything Lego. All are welcome and it’s just $5 entry. The full details of our April event are at the bottom of this page. Come along won’t you?

Now back into the action. Last night we gave away an incredible 6 (SIX!) Lego prizes across three draws. For our Members’ Draw we handed out three sets from the newly released Animal Crossing series. These sets are absolutely adorable and give me huuuge Fabuland vibes in the best way. Congrats to our winners Maxine T, Nicola G (collected by Eleanor below on her behalf) and Rob C (absent). Membership perks mean even if you can’t make it on the night you may still win like Rob did last night. Awesome hey?

We also have an extra special bonus raffle limited to just 100 $2 tickets. This one is open to all and the prizes aren’t shabby at all. How about that talking Harry Potter Sorting Hat (76429) huh, not bad at all. I wonder if you can hack that talking brick to say other things hmm. Well, I should ask Kelly H who snagged that one last night! And another set on my list, the Creator Retro Camera (31147), well Sullivan O took that one away from me too. Luck ain’t going my way but I have to say, deserving winners all. Congrats folks.

And that’s not all for prizes. We drew the website subscription contest for the Friends Autumn’s House (41730) and the lucky winner, Leander M, just so happened to be present. Sooo, of course, we weren’t letting him take his set home without a cheeky pic. A big thanks to Leander and everyone who has signed up to our website. We here at the official PerthLUG website really appreciate your support. If you’d like to show your support and get all our articles and reviews first, how about dropping an email below as well. No spam, no rubbish.

Moving on from all the prizes, The Parts Draft was back again with the enchanting Harry Potter Forbidden Forest set. Some great foliage and colours in that one but you’d have to be envious of whoever took home those glow-in-the-dark elements right! If you’re a MOC builder and haven’t yet plunged into the organised chaos of a Parts Draft, follow along at our Facebook page and bring along the selected set next month. It’s a riot of a time and you’ll take home decently useful quantities of parts.

And Lego building – yeah, we do that! I love wandering about and seeing what everyone is getting up to. Lego releases something like 700 sets a year so it’s a great opportunity to live vicariously through other people’s wallets! I’ve got some pics for y’all too, don’t fret. Judy was eager to show off her Pirate GWP and I can see why – the pictures online don’t do it justice at all. Rod finally finished a set, well half a set to be fair, with his Star Wars E-wing. A bit of colour in a Star Wars ship is nice to see. Oh, what a delight it was to spot Tamara’s Hamster Wheel and Hedgehog Picnic Date sets -absolutely adorable. I also had to take a quick snap of Jan’s sorting process because, for some of us (me), it can be almost intimidating to start sometimes. And finally, with absolutely no coercive means applied at all, Joanne came to the totally independent decision to stay and complete the cutest blue alien thing (what exactly is Stitch??). This set is just chock full of character and charm and I want one. Thanks Joanne for showing him off. And thanks to everyone else I surely bugged for a pic Monday night.

We’re nearly there for this issue but hang in there just a little longer and save this date – Sunday 24th March 2-5pm. Minifigapalooza is back again for 2024 at our normal Build Night meeting spot for WA’s biggest Lego Buy/Sell day. Bargains and rarities are to be had so get in quick. Entry is free.

Finally, Buildapalooza is back again next month as usual on the second Monday, 8th April at our normal time and place; 7-11pm at John McGrath Pavilion off Hensman St, South Perth. Everyone is welcome.


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