by Lukas Mack

PerthLUG’s monthly catchup Monday night was another great success with the usual building, sorting and socialising supercharged with a fair share of minifigure trading and one extra super special Members’ prize giveaway! Enough prologue, let me fill you in on the night’s events.

For those new here or thinking about attending, Buildapalooza is held every 2nd Monday of the month at the John McGrath Pavilion in South Perth and is our main get-together. It’s just $5 for door entry. For those considering an optional membership for the yearly discount ($50 new member/ $45 existing member) and access to our Members’ draw, you have just til the end of this month to sign up for 2024. Caitlin decided to join at the event Monday and immediately won a prize! Pfft, beginners luck…

Speaking of prizes, as an extra special thank you to our community, headlining our Members’ draw this month was the incredible 10320 Eldorado Fortress we recently reviewed here. What an incredible set and a fitting one to giveaway as we too here look back on ten years of serving the Perth Lego community at PerthLUG. A big, BIG congratulations to Jacqui R on your win! You’re going to love that build. And congrats again also go to new member Caitlin U for stealing second place with the Creator Flowers in Watering Can – that membership just paid for itself methinks.

We also have a bonus Raffle anyone can enter for $2. These tickets are limited to just 100 and 1 per person to keep those odds more than fair and even more tempting. Congratulations to Nicky B who took home the gorgeous Spring Festival Family Reunion Celebration 80113. That set has 13 minifigs whaaat! And a special thanks to Amy for generously donating a second prize, the adorable themed Mickey Brickheadz, that Elijah won (absent for photo).

A Build Night staple; the Parts Draft, was back again. This time with a double serving of both the 60428 Space Construction Mech AND the 42601 Hamster Playground to dismantle and distribute to participating builders and hoarders alike. For further info on how you can join in on next month’s draft, follow our Facebook group here to know which set/s to bring along. It’s a wild time and a wonderful resource for collecting decently useful quantities of Lego parts.

And what a night it was for MOCs and Collectible Minifigures! Roving reporter Hannah snapped Sullivan with his vibrant underwater scene – you should exhibit that young fella! And equally, what a catch was Dianne’s Friends theme park complete with moving attractions. Just wow. And oh, those CMFs were certainly going backward and forwards all night too, though I think my brain is starting to block out the word ‘goat’!

I also managed a few shots of my own. Dan & Co made building the Tiny Plants a team sport while I spied Tadj with just a sample of his Speed Champions collection and Luke’s X-Jet had me wishlisting the classic comic book plane. And what a blast father and son duo Toby & Michael were having polishing off the magical Sanctum Santorum. Will have to add that to the list too I suppose!

What an evening it was! And if you’d like to catch us next month, come along on the second Monday, 11th March at our normal time and place; 7-11pm at John McGrath Pavilion off Hensman st, South Perth. Everyone is welcome.


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