by Lukas Mack

Buildapalooza has come and gone for another month but if you missed out on November’s Build Night then I’ve got you covered with this issue of the Break Down.

It was an absolute bumper of a night with a super turnout so a big thanks to all who turned up and our wonderful volunteers who make it all happen. To those new here, Buildapalooza is PerthLUG’s regular catch-up where on the second Monday of the month we get together to talk Lego, build Lego and just enjoy everything that is little plastic bricks. You can bring along a little set to build, sort through some bulk or work on a MOC. It’s really pretty chill. For your $5 entry we also have wonderful door prizes too!

Congratulations to Hannah who, eagerly assisted by Theodore, took home our first prize of City Apartment Building. What a catch! And the prizes don’t stop there, thanks to a generous donation by Judy, we had a super second prize that went to Robin. Robin couldn’t make it to the night but as a perk of our paid membership, his number was thrown into the raffle. That membership is paying off alright. Congrats again winners!

Our Parts Draft was back once again with this month’s part sacrifice being the wonderful Icons Tranquil Garden. In our gallery below, assistant photographer at large Dale, spotted one particapant’s score of plant parts galore. This is an absolutely lovely set in it’s own right but knowing that that these parts, now in useful quantities, will be making up multiple MOCs in the future brings me some comfort and relief. I’m not at all envious because I dont have the set myself yet. Not at all… If you’d like to get involved in next month’s Parts Draft, follow our Facebook page to keep in the loop with what set to bring along in December. It’s an absolute blast and must try!

Even though the hall was almost shoulder-to-shoulder in places it seemed there was still a heck of a lot of building going on. Tyron and Mick were all in on Speed Champions while Brooke tweaked her Dreamzzz Turtle Van to her specific taste. I do agree the wheels are probably speedier. And what a delight it was to chat with Tony about his work-in-progress chess set. A lot of time, thought and pieces have gone into that and I’m sure I speak for eveyerone that we can’t wait to see it progress further. Amazing folks.

There was just so much to get to so thanks to Dale who came in clutch and snapped up these pics for us all to gander. Look at that Great Ball Contraption, all those Clone troopers lined up, that gorgeous Castle and my oh my all those parts!

There’s always so much going on at Buildapalooza that’s for sure. If you’d like to join us, all are welcome and we meet on the second Monday evening of each month. That will make December’s build night on the 11th at our normal time and place; 7-11pm at John McGrath Pavilion off Hensman st, Como. Can’t wait to see everyone there!

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