McLaren & Lego Unveil Lego Technic McLaren P1

The British supercar maker McLaren Automotive and the Lego Group today unveil their latest collaboration paying tribute to the world’s most pioneering hybrid hypercar, with the introduction of the Lego Technic McLaren P1.

The McLaren P1 redefined automotive high-performance as the most exciting, most capable, most technologically advanced and most dynamically accomplished supercar of its time. The P1 leveraged McLaren’s advanced motorsport-based engineering, featuring ground-breaking advances in weight reduction, packaging, high-speed performance, powertrain and aerodynamics.

Created with the intention of being ‘the best driver’s car in the world on both road and track’, the design and technical specifications of the McLaren P1 provided the ideal foundation to deliver on this ambition. The remarkable hypercar is recognized as a landmark both for McLaren and the development of high-performance hybrid vehicles.

The incredible engineering and technology underpinning the performance, style and functional design the McLaren P1, made it the perfect challenge for the Lego Technic team to replicate in 1:8 scale.

Unveiled as part of the Lego Technic Ultimate Car Concept Series, the all-new 1:8 scale Lego Technic version consists of 3,893 elements and each car features a unique serial number which unlocks special behind-the-scenes content. The model has a 7-speed gearbox with 2 shifter drums, suspension, V8 piston engine, adjustable rear wing, and opening dihedral doors with advanced mechanism – all guaranteeing an immersive building experience from start to finish that is authentic to the real McLaren P1.

The Lego Technic McLaren P1 set will be available from 1st August 2024 priced at €449.99 / £389.99 / $449.99.